The Pit and the Passion

She held her gaze steady, mainly so she could delve deep, deep into those chocolate eyes. Together with his sharp, angular nose and intense, almost predatory, expression, he reminded her of a peregrine falcon on the hunt.

The Pit & the Passion

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome to the Hot Winter Nights Blog Hop!

Once you’ve cooled off after reading the R-rated excerpts below, click on the hunky fellow in the right side bar to hop to home base, or click on any of the participating authors in the list in the right sidebar just below Mr. Hot.  We will be giving away a grand prize worth over $100 in value, which includes 11 eBooks and $60 in Gift Certificates:
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Now let’s have at it:

What’s the best thing to do on a cold winter night? Make hot, hot love with a warm body, right? Here’s a collection of short, hot shots of winter love from three of my books, Losers Keepers, Triptych, and Artful Dodging.  These excerpts are all R rated. For more information on each of the books, click on the covers in the left sidebar.
Losers Keepers: Sex Under the Stars

An hour later, Jack paid and they walked arm in arm out to her car. Both Dagne’s stomach and heart were replete. Night had fallen. “The traffic should have cleared by now. Why don’t I give you a ride back to…I’ve forgotten where you’re staying?”
“It’s a B and B in New Church. Not far. Thanks.” They got in. As Dagne searched for her keys, Jack’s arm settled on her shoulder. She backed out of the parking lot and headed down the dirt road. His hand rubbed her neck gently. She pressed back. It felt so good. She didn’t even mind when his other hand began to wander down toward her breast but thought it prudent to suppress the urge to help him. His breath came huskily in her ear. “Dagne, I want you. Now.”
“Jack, we’re in a car!”
“On a deserted road. Out in the wilderness.”
“It’s a farm. Somebody’s farm.”
“Yeah, I know. Perfect. Pull over.”
Anticipation clouded her judgment. She could feel different parts of her body begin to tingle—whether at the secret thrill of the exotic location or the nearness of him, she couldn’t tell. He pulled her out of the car, opened the back door and pushed her onto the back seat. His hot breath seared her belly where he’d pulled up her sweatshirt. A tongue tickled her navel, then licked upwards till it reached her bra. His hand moved on her back and an instant later, she felt the sweet release of her breasts from the underwire. They weren’t free for long. His mouth fastened on her nipple and began to suckle. Dagne writhed in ecstasy. “Jack, no. You are too bad. No, don’t.”
For answer, he moved to the other nipple. When he lifted her skirt something cold and hard ground into her. The seat belt buckle gouged her naked thighs. Fortunately fingers distracted her from the pain as they pulled her silk panties aside—“Mmmm, silk. You know what that does to me, Dagne”—and pressed inside her. A second later, they were replaced by a mouth that began to massage her labia, blowing softly on the engorged lips. She felt his tongue dart inside, licking and sucking, setting the tender flesh on fire. Her orgasm crackled upward and sucked all the oxygen out of the tiny space.
“Jack…Jack…oh my God…Jack.” She fell to earth. As she lay panting she heard the sound of a zipper. Where his fingers had roamed there infiltrated a most welcome, rough, hard cock that beat up her thigh and entered her. It moved in and out, hardening with each thrust, faster and faster. She fell into the rhythm and they rocked, the car rocking in tandem with their motion.
Jack’s voice came urgently, muffled in her hair. “Dagne, come with me, come with me.”
“I will.” What else could she say? She rose to meet him and in a great whoosh they met and melded into one perfect creature, undivided. He let his body gently settle on hers and they lay quietly. Just as Dagne began to drift off to sleep, a light hit her eyes and the sound of a truck engine broke the stillness. “Jack, Jack, get off me! Quick! It’s the tow truck!”
Jack scrambled to the side, pulling his jeans up. He let out an oath and she heard a sucking sound. “Damned zipper.” Meanwhile she pulled both her sweatshirt and her skirt down, scrambled out the door and dove for the front seat. Just in time for the driver to pull off the road behind the Subaru.
“You the one needing a tow, Lady?”

Triptych: After Dinner Treat

He kneeled before her, took her hands, and slowly lifted her as he rose. Gently he wrapped her face in his palms and brought his lips close, closer to her heart-shaped mouth. She stood, not wanting to move or breathe, waiting. He barely grazed her lips with his, and stepped back. “Thank you.”
She opened her eyes.  He stood quietly, his expression both ardent and patient. A little voice sang in her ear. “Go for it.”  She leaned forward, put her arms around his neck and drew him to her. Her lips smashed against his with all the pent-up desire she’d been pretending didn’t exist. He opened his mouth and parted her teeth, his tongue probing, licking, teasing. Their bodies touched and pressed against each other and they hung on, swaying. Miranda felt wave on wave of an intense emotion that had to be passion pass through her. The tide did not ebb.
With sudden determination he lifted her and carried her to the bed. “Miranda, I’ve wanted this since I first saw you. Tell me you felt the same.”
Oh, God yes. “No. No, Luc, we can’t. No.”
He stopped unbuttoning her blouse. “Why not? Tell me.” His voice came thickly.
“Because…oh, Luc, it’s not right. I don’t know. I don’t tr—” He stopped the words with another kiss. This time it went deeper still, the streams of desire spreading through her lymph nodes. Her hands and feet tingled and her vulva melted. She let him take off the blouse. Her nipples peeped above the blue lace bra. With his tongue he nudged them out of hiding and fastened on one. Miranda writhed with the pleasure of it, knowing she shouldn’t allow it. But Luc had left the nipple and was trailing kisses down her belly. Strong hands pulled the skirt down to reveal her blue silk bikini. Before she could say a word he tore them off. With his hands he spread the vaginal lips and began to lick the folds, sucking up her juices. “Oh, my God, Luc, no.”
He stopped. “No?”
“I…uh…” She looked him full in the face. His black eyes flashed, his tousled hair fell across his brow. Her body let go.
Somehow he knew she had given in. He unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop. She ripped open the rose-colored oxford shirt he’d been wearing and spattered kisses on his chest. He pushed her down on the bed and rose above her. “Miranda.” Then he plunged into her.
So this is what making love feels like. With Edward it had been only sex. This, this is love. She went to meet him. And they rested.
Miranda’s body felt like a feather bed, like a warm bath, like the eye of the storm. She didn’t think she’d ever been so relaxed or so sure the world was a wonderful place. She gazed at her lover. “Luc?”
He opened one eye.
“Yes, mon chou?”
A tiny click. She looked toward the door. “Oh my God, Luc, we left it open! Someone heard us.”

Artful Dodging: Christmas with Benefits
He sniffed the air. “Smells like snow. Come on, Milo.”
She followed him, stifling both the disappointment and her desire. He’s going to offer me a drink and send me home. And that’s okay. I’ll be fine. Oh, but look at that butt and those shoulders. Is he sexier in Armani or L.L. Bean?
He closed the door behind her, ran his arms around her middle, and kissed the back of her neck. The little hairs rose to meet him. Electricity shot through her like a high-tension power line. He touched the top of her head and slowly spun her around to face him. His eyes burned into hers, and her mouth went dry.
“Yes, Tristram?”
“Do you know where you are?”
“Um…your house?”
He grinned. “Just checking. You didn’t remember much about our last…encounter, and I want to make sure you are conscious during every single minute you spend here.”
Yeah, right. Forget the small talk and take me to bed, you big gorgeous lug.
Oh my God, I said that out loud! Shit.
It was too late to take back. He didn’t appear to be listening anyway. He dropped her coat on the floor and lifted her, taking the stairs two at a time. Translucent shafts of light from a recessed panel illuminated the California king that took up most of the room.
Tristram lit a tall, white candle on the bureau and touched her shoulder. “Milo? May I?”
One hand went to the buttons on her blouse, and he undid them carefully. Why did he have to be so polite? Why didn’t he just rip her clothes off like he did the last time? Not that I remember. She let the blouse fall, her breath coming in short gasps. He reached out and cupped one of her breasts, encased in delicate orchid lace. He pulled the lace down with his index finger, allowing the nipple to lift its hungry head. He flicked at it until it stood up hard and ready for something more substantial. Obligingly, he leaned down and licked it. Then he gently unhooked the bra and licked the other nipple. Milo didn’t think she could stand much more.
His hand moved to the button of her jeans. She tightened her abdomen as he unzipped them and let his hand reach in and cup the mound. She fought the urge to press against it but gave in when he started to knead. Her vulva inflamed, releasing the juices like slow-moving lava, soaking the thin material of her bikini.
He pulled the jeans off and knelt before her. His fingers wormed their way under the panties and tickled her yearning lips. Her mind emptied of everything but the aching in her vagina. He rolled the bit of lace off, tossed it in a corner, and began to suck. Slurping and swallowing, he twisted the sensitive flesh and sent his tongue to palpate her clitoris. Milo spread her legs wider, her pussy riding his mouth like a rodeo cowgirl. The candle flickered, shimmering on his desire-glazed eyes. She shouldn’t have looked at his face—it brought her to instant orgasm. She held a hand to her mouth to stop the scream. He pulled away from her, dribbling wet kisses down the inside of her thighs.
Then her lover moved lightning fast. He tore his clothes off, pushed her onto the bed, and moved up to close with her. His cock, hard and healthy, inserted itself into her. She folded her legs around his back and began the delectable climb to climax. He slid in and out, his penis scratching the itch inside her vagina. There. Almost there. Almost…arggggh.
He collapsed on top of her.


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