The Pit and the Passion

She held her gaze steady, mainly so she could delve deep, deep into those chocolate eyes. Together with his sharp, angular nose and intense, almost predatory, expression, he reminded her of a peregrine falcon on the hunt.

The Pit & the Passion

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mai Tais and Mayhem at Romance Beckons Today

Is there anything more romantic than the silken sands and enticing waters of the Florida Gulf Coast?
Come with me today to Paloma Beck’s wonderful site Romance Beckons and bathe in the many-hued rays of a tropical sunset.


Kaitlin Ashbury said...

Mai Tais and Mayhem has to be one of the best titles I've heard in a long time. I'm already intrigued by the title alone!
Thanks for stopping by earlier :)

M. S. Spencer said...

Thanks Kaitlin! It's a fun read too.