The Pit and the Passion

She held her gaze steady, mainly so she could delve deep, deep into those chocolate eyes. Together with his sharp, angular nose and intense, almost predatory, expression, he reminded her of a peregrine falcon on the hunt.

The Pit & the Passion

Friday, April 12, 2013

Welcome to Let's Get Lucky

Welcome to the Marketing for Romance Writers Blog Hop: Let’s Get Lucky!

“Nanny Ogg looked under her bed in case there was a man there. Well, you never knew your luck.”
― Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies

I admit I drew a blank on the theme of Let’s Get Lucky—I mean, since my heroine is always rescued and all my romances have happy endings, that the characters are lucky is a given. Then it occurred to me that in some of my stories the heroine must choose between two potential loves. And boy, are they lucky that they eventually choose the right guy.

In my first novel, Lost in His Arms, Chloe fears she’ll never see Michael, the love of her life again, and looks for comfort to Émile, a dashing French diplomat with a Jaguar and a chateau in France. In Lost and Found, Rose’s loyalty to her husband is almost her undoing, requiring a death-defying leap into the water. Losers Keepers, my third novel, forces Dagne to choose between the tall, cool ranger Tom and the perpetual loser and womanizer Jack. In any real world, could Jack turn out to be the right one? And my poor Tessa in Mai Tais and Mayhem learns the hard way that one of her beaux is not the man for her.

I’m lucky too. I was born in America, I’ve had the opportunity to study at great universities and travel all over the world, I produced two wonderful children with a wonderful husband, I’ve managed to talk someone into publishing seven books, I have all my teeth and useable limbs, and it’s spring in Washington, DC. How much more lucky could I be?

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In my first book, Lost in His Arms, Chloe Gray, political writer, and Michael Keller, CIA troubleshooter, meet under curiously conventional circumstances. Despite the instantaneous sparks, they both sense there is more between them than physical attraction. As the dramatic world events of the 1990s in the USSR, the Middle East and Vietnam unfold, their love affair intensifies.  Michael appears and disappears at unpredictable moments, leaving Chloe limp and lovelorn. Is he using her or protecting her? In her quest for answers, she is yanked into his dangerous world. Looking for safe harbor, she submits to the advances of a dashing French diplomat. Will she embrace the luxury and comfort of Emile and his chateau or the romance of international intrigue with Michael?
Here’s an excerpt from Lost in His Arms

She opened the door to a luxurious bathroom. The water steamed, the scent of lavender filling her nostrils. Chloe disrobed and lowered herself into the tub. She closed her eyes, and let her thoughts unfold. Instantly the picture of a beautiful flat stomach rose before her, above it a powerful chest covered in soft hair. And above that, a ruggedly handsome face in which flashed intense blue eyes partly obscured by unruly thick black hair.
She scrunched her eyes tight but the image persisted, forcing her to move on to the next frame. The imagined arms went around her, the warm lips fastened on hers, and the body bent into her and attached itself.
She was gasping for air and arching her back in the bathtub when she heard a knock on the bedroom door. Oh my God! Im fantasizing about sex with Michael in Émiles house. How far gone am I? And why did I leave the bathroom door open? She took a deep breath and called, I can‘t come to the door! Who is it?
Chloe? May I come in?”
Oh, Émile, no! I‘m...I‘m indisposed!
“Darling, I need to explain. I need to apologize for abandoning you here.
Chloe recognized the tone, despite the slight slurring of his voice. His emphasis wasn‘t on the word apologize, but on “need,” for a reason. She felt a twinge of apprehension. Émile, there is nothing to apologize for.
Yes, there is, Chloe. I fear I forgot myself. When at home I am used to being free to take off to see my friends. I left you without a moment‘s thought! But it had been such a long time, I…” His voice trailed off.
Émile.” She hid her impatience. “I‘m feeling terribly tired. Perhaps we can talk in the morning.
She heard a loud thud, almost as though someone had banged his head on a wall. After a moment, a barely audible mutter filtered through the door. Yes, I understand. Bonsoir, Chloe. À demain.” Silence descended.
Chloe lay quietly. Even the warm water couldn‘t relax her now. How could she possibly stay here? How could she in good conscience be with Émile, when all it took to set her off was an imagined vision of blue eyes gazing lustily down at her? On the other hand, how could she be so obsessed with a man she‘d known all of three days? When would she be able to move on?
But Michael‘s body was somehow tattooed onto her skin now. A word, a picture, an aroma, entered her consciousness and her whole being reached out for a man who wasn‘t there. Who wouldn‘t ever be there. Who was probably involved in something illegal, or at least unsavory. He might even be in prison. Or worse — persona non grata in the United States. It had been almost four months and she had heard nothing — except that poem on her computer. The love poem.

Lost in His Arms, by M. S. Spencer
Red Rose Publishing (2009)
eBook, 61,000 words and Print (200 pp.)
Contemporary Romance, Action/Adventure; M/F; 3 flames

Amazon Print:


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