The Pit and the Passion

She held her gaze steady, mainly so she could delve deep, deep into those chocolate eyes. Together with his sharp, angular nose and intense, almost predatory, expression, he reminded her of a peregrine falcon on the hunt.

The Pit & the Passion

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let the Mason's Mark Draw You in HOOK, Line and Sinker

Welcome to Marketing for Romance Writers' Book Hook Day! I'm showcasing my new release The Mason's Mark: Love and Death in the Tower.

Here's the hook:
Claire struggled, finally wrenching the hand away. She couldn’t take her eyes off the thing on the ground. Dead. It’s…he’s dead. She opened her mouth to scream again but paused when she saw Kurtz’s face. It was distorted with fury, and terror twisted her lungs into a double helix. He killed that man. He’s going to kill me.

In both the best and worst first day at work ever,  docent Claire Wilding meets the man of her dreams, but her carefully rehearsed guided tour of the George Washington National Masonic Memorial falls apart when she discovers a dead body. Together with Detective Ernest Angle, she's drawn into a dark world of black ops and Italian renegade masons. Also cloaked in mystery is her new love Gideon Bliss.  A George Washington expert, he haunts the Memorial, his manner evasive. What is his secret? Claire fears she'll fall in love with him only to learn he's a thief or even a murderer.

Juggling two eccentric mothers, an inquisitive sister, and an increasingly smitten Ernest, Claire must find answers to a complex web of intrigue, including which black ops agent to trust,  whether our first president strayed, and if she and Gideon will ever be together.

Mason's Mark was released January 7. You can get it here:

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Danita Minnis said...

Oh, I feel for Claire! Very suspenseful, nice excerpt. :)