The Pit and the Passion

She held her gaze steady, mainly so she could delve deep, deep into those chocolate eyes. Together with his sharp, angular nose and intense, almost predatory, expression, he reminded her of a peregrine falcon on the hunt.

The Pit & the Passion

Monday, April 20, 2015

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M. S. Spencer
Lila’s Visitors © 2015

Lila’s Visitors

Lila pulled the long johns from the pot.  The water still steamed and she was tempted to jump into the wash water and baste herself in hot liquid.  Who’s to know? It was only dirt from her husband’s old underwear.  And David’s long gone.  She checked the windows again—Gabe must have given up. She’d caught him peeking in twice this week. Despite herself, her vulva warmed at the thought. He’s so handsome. Those black curls and that strong Roman nose. She’d first seen him in the market, hawking his fish. Muscled biceps, steel hard chest, only lightly covered with fine black hair. Then last week he’d turned quickly to find her staring at him. He had smiled, his black eyes sparkling. Yeah, but then he slapped a twenty-pound cod on the table and ripped its gills out. After that, she avoided his cart.
The second encounter happened a couple of days later. She’d been in the garden, bent over to pull a weed out. A gust of air raised her skirt. The sudden cold air on her ass reminded her that she’d forgotten to put underwear on that morning. Something tickled the back of her neck and she straightened. Gabe stood behind her. His eyes rose from her breasts to her face. He spun on his heel and loped off.
The third time she’d been cooking. She stopped to wipe a wet tendril from her perspiring face and there he was, staring in the window. He’d opened his mouth, but then closed it and disappeared. She’d caught him one more time only yesterday. She toyed with the idea of notifying the police, but…It’s nice to have a man find me attractive after all these years. He didn’t seem dangerous after all. Just horny.
She checked the window again. Hell, why not?  She stripped and lowered herself gingerly into the basin.  Steam roiled around her, stuffing her nostrils and curling under her armpits. Warm water seeped into her pussy and stiffened her nipples. She began to relax, her mind going back to the sensuous times of her youth, when she and Eric would go to the pine barrens. He would strip her naked and take pictures as she posed in whatever erotic position he invented. Once a young man happened upon them. At first she was mortified, but at Eric’s urging, she’d let the fellow suck her tits and finger fuck her while Eric danced around them with his camera.
Then came David. The fun stopped when she married him. What a miserable five years they’d spent, until he confessed his love for another. Hiding the relief, she let him go.
The water began to cool. She climbed out of the pot and padded across to the tea kettle, hugging her breasts in the chill air. She poured more hot water into the cauldron and stepped in. The water resumed its fondling. Oh how I wish I had a man in here with me! As her finger inched toward her pussy, she paused. What was that sound? She half rose, her breasts bobbing on the surface. Nothing. I’m alone. She sank blissfully back.
“Hello, Lila.”
“Eric! How the hell did you get in?”
“Nice greeting for an old friend.” He sat on the edge of the tub, swishing a finger in the water.
“I thought you were still in jail.”
He snorted. “I can see you don’t keep up with my activities. They let me out for good behavior last week.” He leaned forward and flicked her nipple. “You’re looking good, Lila. It’s been—what—six years?”
She squirmed away. “Leave me alone, Eric.”
“Ah, honey.” He stood up and pulled his shirt over his head. His chest was covered with tattoos and old scars. “We used to have such good times. Remember the pine barrens? I still have those photos. Betcha didn’t know I recruited Hank to find us that day.” He smacked his lips. “You were an easy mark then.”
Lila searched for her clothes. Damn. There they are—by the sink. Too far. He’d catch her before she reached them. She eyed Eric warily.
He moved around to stand behind her. At his touch she shivered. “Don’t worry. I’m just going to give you a little massage…for old times’ sake.”
She didn’t believe him. Eric had been a rough lover, getting close to, but never over the line. Now she sensed he intended to go over that line. “Eric, stop it.”
Instead, his hands slid over her shoulders and down to her breasts. He squeezed them, rubbing the nipples until they turned hard and red. She tried to move away but he held them in a painful grip.  “Eric!”
Crash. Eric’s hands slipped off her and she heard him land heavily on the floor. She rose out of the water and turned around. Gabe stood over Eric’s prostrate form, a baseball bat in his hand. He looked up. “You okay?”
Too late she remembered she was naked. His eyes raked her skin. She dropped under the surface, her face flushed. “Yes, I’m okay.”
He fidgeted, suddenly embarrassed. “Just passing by. Seemed like you were in trouble. Were you?”
“Yes.” She pointed at Eric. “He’s an old…friend. But not a welcome one. Thanks for rescuing me.”
He stared at her, then shook himself. “I’ll just drop this fellow off at the police station, then.”
He paused. “What?”
How she wanted to ask him to come back. No, you’ve had enough excitement for one night. “Nothing.”
“Oh.” He dug  his hands under Eric’s arms and dragged him out the door.
Instead of getting out, Lila lay back, trying to calm down. The water was still warm, and gradually her breathing went back to normal. She thought about Gabe. He must have been spying on me. The notion didn’t frighten her. Where Eric’s touch had repulsed her, Gabe’s excited her. I wish…I wish…
Reluctantly, she rose, pulled a dish towel from the drawer, and dried herself off. Before heading to bed, she stoked the fire. As she sat on the couch watching the flames spark and flash, her eyelids grew heavy. I’ll just lie down for a minute. It’s so nice and cozy here.
Something brushed her lips. “Hello Lila.”
“Hello, Gabe.”
He kneeled by her, his dark eyes gleaming. She raised a hand and unbuckled his belt. He watched her hungrily. She pulled the zipper of his jeans down and lifted his cock out. A tentative lick made it jump. She sucked the whole thing between her lips and drew him nearer. He steadied himself on the floor and began to pump into her mouth. She felt it go rigid, but he pulled out. “Wait.”
He unbuttoned his shirt and, kicking off his shoes, dropped his pants. Kneeling down again, he kissed her. Reaching a finger out, he touched one nipple, rotating. She concentrated on the sensation,  feeling it grow and harden. He moved to the other breast and did the same thing. Lila’s chest rose and fell with pent-up desire.
He let the finger trace the line of her diaphragm down to her belly button. Juices flowed into her vulva, wanting, waiting. She held still. His finger moved lower, then stopped just short of her pussy. She lifted her hips in the vain hope that he would take the hint. He watched her, a small smile on his face. “You want more?”
She could only nod.
He spread his hand and cupped her mound.  His fingers pressed and rubbed the lips of her vagina. She began to shake. “Please.”
He inserted a finger into her pussy, then another. Just as she felt the orgasm prick at her, he withdrew them. Trembling, she stuffed a fist in her mouth to stop herself from begging. He rose, towering over her, then lifted her  and placed her on the floor. His penis, hard and thick, bobbed close to her mouth and she tried to catch it.  Just as her lips closed on it he twisted around to face her toes.
Gentle fingers caressed the back of her calf, then slowly moved up to her inner thigh. He dropped kisses after the fingers until he reached her hips. He split her legs wide. Suddenly his tongue dove into her pussy, laving the lips and sucking them into his mouth. A cry of sheer pleasure broke from her mouth.
Now he inched up her body until his lips touched hers again. The cock batted against her thigh. She took hold of it and guided it in. They began the timeless dance of desire, dipping into each other’s body, pulling away, ever closer, ever more synchronized. His ebony eyes bored into hers, willing her to give in, to let go, to abandon the carefully nurtured restraints on her wild nature.
At the moment, her eyes wide, she screamed. His mouth crushed hers while his cock pulsed with life.
They slept.
As the rooster crowed in the yard, Lila opened an eye. The light was pale and cold. She looked out the window for the sun and instead saw a face. Stunned, she lay back next to Gabe. She heard the door open.

“Hello Lila.”

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