Whirlwind Romance

A rush of emotion dropped a veil over all but the tiny world of the two people in seats 11A and 11B, in a jet plane floating somewhere over the Atlantic, in a still moment in time.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lost Masterworks and Romance at Smile Somebody Loves You

Come find me at Smile Somebody Loves You today: https://sslyblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/22/triptych-m-s-spencer/
I’m offering a new romantic excerpt from my romantic adventure Triptych—the moment Miranda meets Luc. Plus some fascinating historical tidbits about long-lost art…a hint at what’s to come in Triptych.

Take lost masterpieces, brilliant inventors, and stolen prototypes. Add the Three Sisters, Indian spirits who guard the Potomac River. Stir in three sisters and their lovers. Result? Jealousy, sex, genius, larceny and love. Who will end up with whom, and will the Three Sisters take another life as the legend demands?

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