The Pit and the Passion

She held her gaze steady, mainly so she could delve deep, deep into those chocolate eyes. Together with his sharp, angular nose and intense, almost predatory, expression, he reminded her of a peregrine falcon on the hunt.

The Pit & the Passion

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Coming soon: A Widow's Walk--Romance in Maine

Look for A Widow's Walk, coming soon from I Heart Book Publishing. Romance and adventure in the wilds of Maine.
One of the moose Catherine meets in Maine

Here's the blurb:

Catherine Killean is a woman on a mission. When her new husband disappears, leaving a suicide note, she is determined to find out why. She follows his tracks first to the North Woods of Maine, then to Florida, and back again to Maine. Along the way, she meets the tall, dark, gruff Holden Taggart, a Maine guide.

In her doubt and loneliness she is drawn to Holden, leaving her confused and adrift. What will happen when she finally learns the truth about Jonathan? Can she leave her old love behind and embrace a new one? 

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