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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SCP welcomes Paloma Beck and Shadowed Spirit

Welcome Paloma Beck with Book Six of the Seven Sin Sisters seriesa fabulous erotic paranormal romance. Paloma, I hope you brought a hot excerpt with you!

Shadowed Spirit
Series: Seven Sin Sisters Series, Book Six
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Author: Paloma Beck
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Page Count: 80

The seven Sinster sisters are entwined in a legacy originating back from the time of the Italian Wars in the 1500s. One by one, they’ll find their mates from the immortal Valendite Breeds and secure their place in history.
After escaping a kidnapping, Sadie returns to her carefree life as a dancer, turning away once again from the realities of her destiny as a Sinster sister. This time, she takes a job in Vegas to hide away. Burdened by the soul sin of Sloth, Sadie can’t seem to care about the prophecy that consumes her family.
Granger, on assignment with TEU, heads to Vegas to protect her. Everything is going as planned until he discovers Sadie is his mate and then all bets are off. Now his mission is not only to protect Sadie until the prophecy is fulfilled and the danger abated but he must also convince her that accepting their destiny will make her stronger. He doesn’t have much time because as they hide out in the city of sin, her sisters await her to join their circle and forge a magic stronger than steel.
Sadie is about to find out that she holds the final key to saving her race.

Excerpt (R)

Sadie rubbed the full length of her body against him even as he felt the unmistakable link solidify between them. His cock lengthened and tightened the pants he desperately needed to get out of. Enough was enough. Why was he holding back? This was fate. What would happen next was inevitable.

“Bed. Now. Before I take you standing up.” Granger’s husky words pushed abruptly through his gritted teeth.

Sadie paused a moment too long before moving so Granger swung her into his arms and stomped to the bedroom at the other end of the suite. Dropping her on the bed, he removed his clothes with a single thought.

“I need to be naked. I need my flesh to touch your flesh, with no barriers,” he explained. The blush on her cheeks was absolutely delightful.

Granger leaned over and took one of her legs into his hand and kissed each tiny, delicate painted toe. She gasped when he sucked on her big toe, pulling into his mouth just as he planned to do to her nipples. Releasing it, he gave the same treatment to her other foot, her other toes. By the time he worked his way up her thighs, Sadie was flushed and heavy-lidded with desire. She was putty in his hands.

With his mate lying naked below him, Granger drank in the sight. He leaned down, kneeling over the edge of the bed, and breathed in her scent. It was musky, but held the subtle undertone of something sweet. Clean-shaven and with just a mere scrap along her center, he could see the pink, swollen folds as they grew wet. He blew out a breath and watched her muscles tense and relax. Then when he’d had enough, or when he needed more, he bit down into the fabric of her panties and pulled until he heard the threads snap.

With a clear view, Granger separated Sadie’s legs further and ran his nose along her core. He inhaled her scent and knew it would forever be his undoing. Then he tasted. With a single lick from back to front, he scooped up the moisture and drank it in. It was a feast for his soul as he felt something inside him shift. What the fuck?

Shaking off the distraction, he drew himself deeper into her, curling his tongue and using it to feel along her opening and inside the channel he’d soon fill. He lapped over and over until her folds were puffy and dark pink. Then he honed in on her clit, the tiny bundle of nerves protruding from the small hood at the top of her core.

Sucking the bundle into his mouth, Granger heard Sadie grow louder, heard her praying to the Goddess, but he wouldn’t let anything distract him. He was a man on a mission and he planned to have blast off any second now. Suck. Pull. Nibble. Moving his tongue and lips until he felt the tightening of her thighs and heard the scream she could no longer hold back.

Then, satisfied that he’d pleased her, Granger moved above Sadie to kiss her. They shared the flavor of her satisfaction on his tongue and lips. She eagerly lapped up the juices remaining on his face and despite believing his cock couldn’t get harder, it did.

 “Porca l'oca! I am crazy for this. Ho un debole per te.” Granger panted out the words as he flipped Sadie onto her stomach, lifted her ass in the air, and pressed his swollen cockhead against her moist folds.

She was ready, prepared, and there was no hope of delaying any further. Once he felt her relax into the feel of him so close to her, her back bow under his touch, Granger pushed forward. Slowly, ever-so-damn-slowly, he entered his mate. Each and every ripple, soft tissue, hard muscle, heated cream—Granger felt everything. It burned him, not just his dick, but something inside of him warmed. He felt tight, as if his skin was suddenly shrunk and too small to fit his body. He strained against the sensation and felt as if he’d burst. Holding still, fully seated inside Sadie, Granger’s arms held him completely above her so he could feel his chest on her back.

“Granger, don’t go slow, please.” Sadie’s plea snapped every synapse in Granger’s body to attention.

Shifting his weight, he pivoted his hips. Fast and furious, Granger took his mate. The heat and slide, the sounds of their cores connecting with each thrust, propelled him. He wasn’t being gentle. And while he hoped he was giving, right now his only thoughts were on taking. Taking his mate. Making his claim.

Paloma Beck is a Romance Author living a life of contradiction... she's a happily married carpooling mom writing steamy romance. It's almost naughty but she loves it! Paloma writes both contemporary and paranormal romances that are anything but PG. She published her first book in 2012 and hasn't slowed down since. Look for more information on her Website.
With her husband and three sons, the Blue Ridge mountains have been her home for nearly twenty years. There's still a special place in her heart though for New England where she spent her childhood. The lakes of Maine call her name and someday she hopes to find her way back there.
Paloma believes a daily dose of coffee and a good book make any day better.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

On the Road with Louise Roberts' Historical Romance the Sword & the Rose

Let's all welcome Louise Roberts back with another of her new releases, the lovely historical romance The Sword and the Rose.

The Sword and the Rose by Louise Roberts

(3 flames, Secret Cravings Publishing, Released April 2014) 

Margherita is devastated. When brothers, Iago, the Sword, and Ferdinando, the Rose, return from a sea voyage, she wants a proposal from one, but instead receives it from the one she didn’t want. She is sent to her sister, Isabella, in Valencia, where she is introduced to yet another potential suitor, Don Ramón de Cabezon. This turn of events upsets Margherita’s brother Miguel, who comes to take her back to Cullera.  Brother and suitor come to blows. While one comes out the winner, the other meets his demise.

Iago and Ferdinando’s quest to find justice for the deceased leads to sibling rivalry between the two. Who will come out the winner in a duel between the two brothers? And more importantly, which one will win Margherita’s heart?

Excerpt  (G)
Standing on a tripod, which he kept in a corner of the balcony, was a telescope, which Juan often used, either to gaze at the stars during hot summer nights, or to watch ships as they sailed in and out of the port of Valencia, which was located further up the coast. He walked over to it now and peered through its delicate lenses, focusing it to bring the ship clearly into view. Her sails, pink in color from the early evening sunset, bellowed in the wind. Every inch of canvas stretched out from every mast speeding her journey through the azure blue water. He followed her lines to the bow which was being coated with a fine spray of white foam. As she sliced through the waves, the ship’s figurehead, a woman’s torso scantily dressed in what seemed to represent a fine white gown. Rich chestnut hair flying in the wind in her hands a crucifix held to her bosom was being bathed. A thin smile appeared on Juan’s lips as he recognized the Santa Theresa.
In the distance he could hear the sound of the village church. Its solitary bell being peeled, calling the people to early evening devotions. He stepped back into the bedchamber. His wife, Ermelinda, stirred in her slumber. She was a fine, tall woman, with dark brown curly hair and blue eyes. An unusual combination for someone of pure Spanish blood as she, although it had been rumored that several generations back, her mother’s part of the family may have originated from either Southern France or Northern Italy. Although their betrothal had been arranged by their parents, as was the custom, almost twenty years before, on meeting her for the first time, Juan had immediately fallen in love with her. Apart from being quite stunningly beautiful, he discovered Ermelinda had a wonderful personality and a good sense of humor, a trait that he found lacking in some women, especially those of the Borja family themselves. Despite having no sisters, Juan did have several aunts, and he and his brothers always found them too severe and stuffy. Having Ermelinda about him added zest to his life. Her laugh and demeanor was intoxicating in themselves they were the recipe for their happy and successful marriage.
Apart from Iago and Ferdinando, who were both in their seventeenth year, Ermelinda had borne him three other children. Veronica was sixteen years of age, Dorotea and Alfonso, who were another set of twins, were fourteen. Juan felt he was truly blessed to have such a wonderful family.
He quickly dressed as silently as possible by himself. He chose not to bother his valet. When he was ready, he stepped over to the bed, kissing his wife lightly on the cheek and whispered in her ear, “The Santa Theresa is home.”
Juan made his way down the stairs to the entrance hallway, and although he could hear the servants preparing the evening meal as he crossed the courtyard, deciding he would attend Mass in the village in order to give thanks to God for the safe return of his brother’s ship.
The church, a white building with terracotta tiles for its roof, marked the rear boundary of the Villa Sant’Angelo. On the opposite side of the cove, the Castillo d’Almansa stood on a massive rock overlooking the village below it, which spread out beside the mouth of the Rio Jucar. The church was full with the local population wishing to attend Mass before resuming their daily chores.
Juan entered the building and walked quietly down the aisle, receiving nods of respect from the people as he made his way to the family pew. His presence caused a whisper amongst them, as it was unusual to see him amongst them in the church itself. The Borjas only ever attended it during formal functions or whenever there was an occasion that needed a great deal of space, as the Villa Sant’Angelo boasted a small chapel in its grounds. Mass was usually only said there at mid-morning in order to allow the family members to awaken properly. Juan, however, although he had attended morning Mass wished to pray for his brother’s safe return, and then set off to Valencia to welcome him personally and to look upon his sons after their lengthy absence.
A hand bell rang sharply in the vestry at the side of the altar. A small elderly priest of the Dominican Order entered the church flanked by two altar boys.
The priest smiled at seeing his patron in the pew before him, and giving his blessings, began to recite the Mass in Latin.
The congregation knelt down, Juan joining in with them. Although he repeated the Mass with the people, his thoughts were of his sons, seeing as how it was in this very church three years before, they had all attended a service to bless the Santa Theresa and all who sailed on her, on her impending voyage to the New World.
The sound of bells made him remember where he was, and he began to continue to recite his devotions.
The Mass was half-way through, and Juan wondered how it had progressed this far so quickly. He was sure he had been listening, but he knew that, even in his youth, the tranquility and peace he felt whilst at church, always resulted in his mind drifting to other things. This time he was anxious to see the Sword and the Rose. Iago, the Sword, due to his quick, sharp mind, always so determined and delivering his point of view with precision and impact. Ferdinando however, similar to a Rose, had a gentle nature, and like a bud coming into bloom, showed promise of one day becoming a much sought after prize. Juan smiled at the simile, an observation his dearest Ermelinda had once remarked upon, and had since stayed within the family as private pet names for the boys.

Buy links:

About the Author:
Louise Roberts was born in Alexandria, Egypt in August 1951 to British parents by Maltese descent. Following the Suez Crisis in November 1956 her parents were compelled to abandon their assets and home, and leave the country as political refugees. Louise grew up and was educated in London, England and has always held a passion for history and English Literature.

In 1988 she immigrated to Sydney, Australia and presently lives with her family in the northern bushland suburb of Berowra, which is located just south of the Hawkesbury River.

Contact links:
Twitter: @LouiseRobertsAu

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Welcome Secret Cravings Author Louise Roberts

Louise Roberts has done it again with her new historical romance, Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms. Take it away, Louise!

Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms
3 Flames from Secret Cravings, released July 2014

It is the spring of 1622. Soldiers are arriving at the port of Seville from a gruelling war in the Netherlands. Amongst them Don Iago Borja, heir to the Estates of the Villa Sant’Angelo near the village of Cullera in the province of Valencia in eastern Spain. After a five year absence Iago is anxious to return home.

He is pleased to find his uncle’s ship the Santa Theresa in the harbor and more so when he is told he is sailing for Valencia. As the ship departs, Iago is delighted on discovering his uncle’s beautiful daughter, Elena, is also aboard.

However the scars of battle and a mental conflict of loyalty with his uncle have Iago wondering if love with Elena is possible?

Will Iago’s inner demons prove to be too large an obstacle or will he be able to overcome his feelings of guilt?

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Excerpt (G), Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms
Laughing and music emerged from various tavernas which were scattered along the waterfront, but to her, the sounds seemed muted as she slipped in and out of her own private thoughts. She wondered about the future and what her Valencian family was like. She had heard about them from her father, and now she longed to meet them, especially Dorotea who was of similar age.
A sudden noise made her turn around. The crew had begun to make the ship ready for their departure at midnight when high tide was expected. Men were running up the ratlines to the yards. The Bosun was calling out instructions, as men ran barefoot for ‘ad and aft carrying bits of nautical equipment. Provisions were being brought up from the quay in large nets and were lowered into the hold by men pulling ropes which had been strung up through pulleys suspended from mast jibs. There were barrels of fresh water and casks of wine, barrels of salted fish, sacks of flour and grain, boxes of fruit and vegetables.
Elena was slowly becoming dizzy by all the activity, and although she wished to return to the safety of her cabin, she did not dare to move for fear of being knocked over by any of the mariners who were rushing about. If only her father would rescue her, as captain of the ship however he was far too busy somewhere else. She turned back to face the town, at least psychologically, it provided her with a temporary sanctuary from the hectic madness about her. She had been aboard since late afternoon when her grandparents had accompanied their granddaughter to their son-in-law’s vessel. Don Gregario had arrived a mere two days previously to arrange for his daughter, Elena, to accompany him to their family’s property in Cullera in the province of Valencia.
As she stared into the darkness she could see two men who appeared to be arguing. One of them seemed relatively young, perhaps not much older than herself. She could vaguely make out that he was well attired, and looked like one of the soldiers she and her grandfather had seen in the port a few days before. From what she could make out he appeared tall though of a stocky muscular build. The other man was much older and more rugged. He was looking over the young man’s horse. She surmised they must be arguing over a price for the animal.
Finally after a great deal of gesticulations on the part of the older man the transaction seemed to conclude. The young man rubbed the horse’s nose as if to say farewell. After removing the saddle and bags from its back, he swung them over his own shoulder, his distinct posture buckling from their weight.
As the rugged man moved away leading his new acquisition, she saw the younger man trudge up the gang plank onto the ship. Curiosity and unexpected excitement gripped her, making her heart race. She edged forward, leaning over the guardrail enabling her to glance amidships. Elena followed his progress as he stepped on board. Light from several lanterns which had been secured to the main mast shone onto the stranger.
She saw the Bosun stop momentarily from his duties and walk over to him. They seemed genuinely pleased to meet as they wrapped their arms about each other in a friendly hug. Another old mariner also approached his voice loud amongst the bustle of surrounding sounds to offer a welcome and to assist the young man with his baggage. Their exchanges were jovial and Elena could hear them laughing at some inaudible comment. She watched the Bosun shake the young man’s hand before he returned to his duties.
Elena froze as the stranger and the old sailor walked toward where she was standing. As they approached, she could now see that she had been right in her assessment of his height and build, but now she could also make out he had certain handsome features. Her eyes remained fixed on him as they came nearer to the doorway which led to the cabins beneath the stern quarterdeck. Although she had thought he had not seen her, when they arrived at the entrance, he stopped, looked up at her, removed his hat in a sweeping motion, and bowed low.
Even though it was just a mere instant that their eyes had met in the dim light, she could feel a strong sensuality about him which sent ripples of pleasure through her skin and her nipples hardened. Her breathing became shallower. She felt a warm wetness between her thighs and her pulse quickened when she saw his face clearly in the light of the doorway lantern. Although he was smiling at her, she sensed something was not quite what it seemed. The uncertainty of her earlier carnal reaction made her shiver as though cold, making her long for the warmth of her cabin. Elena downcast her eyes and made a simple short curtsey in response. When she looked up again, he was gone.

About Louise:
Louise Roberts was born in Alexandria, Egypt in August 1951 to British parents by Maltese descent. Following the Suez Crisis in November 1956 her parents were compelled to abandon their assets and home, and leave the country as political refugees. Louise grew up and was educated in London, England and has always held a passion for history and English Literature.

In 1988 she immigrated to Sydney, Australia and presently lives with her family in the northern bushland suburb of Berowra, which is located just south of the Hawkesbury River.

Contact links:
Twitter: @LouiseRobertsAu

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Please Welcome the Sweet Romance of Jackie Smith

Thank you, Jackie Smith, for being here. Tell us about your new sweet release, Colliding Hearts!

Alice Malone dreams of one day being a writer, but her pending engagement to a childhood friend puts a damper on her dreams and her future. When she meets Ryan Quinn during the construction of Titanic, their attraction is immediate. With him, true love could exist despite the difference in their social standings.
The moment Ryan laid eyes upon Alice, he knew she was the woman of his dreams. He loves her courage and determination, but he fears another rejection and the possibility her engagement might take her away from him.
Can their love survive and help them find a way to each other? 

Colliding Hearts
Excerpt (G)
Ryan raked a hand through his hair and bent his head in prayer for her life. Panic and fear knotted his gut. Staring at Alice’s pale face, he knew bullet wounds could cause infection when not treated in time. Blood soaked her jacket and blouse. What the hell happened?
“Ryan,” Alice whispered.
“Yes, love?”
She lifted her head. “You need to tell my father where I am so he doesn’t worry.”
He kissed her fingers. “Isabel is telling him now. You must rest.”
Alice closed her eyes. Ryan stared at her while the doctor placed more bandages against her wound.
“Your wife will be fine.”
“She—I know,” Ryan decided to say. This wasn’t the time or the place to correct the doctor. Alice would make a wonderful wife, he mused. The idea of marrying her did appeal to him, but he wasn’t ready for marriage— not yet. Before he thought of marriage again, he wanted to know more about her. Since they met, he’d thought of her often and dreamed of her. Somehow, she’d managed to erase the horrible memories of his last relationship—almost.
“Let’s get her into surgery before she loses more blood,” the doctor said, breaking into Ryan’s daydreaming as they arrived at the hospital.
Ryan kissed Alice’s chilled fingers. “I’ll be here when you wake,” he murmured in her ear before pressing his lips against her cheek.
“Please have a sit, sir. We’ll come for you shortly,” the doctor said with a reassuring tone.
Glancing once more at Alice, he released her small hand and sat on one of the chairs lining the wall. Placing his hands across his face, he prayed in silence. Keep her safe. With all the blood seeping from her wound, he worried. She was too young to die. He rose and walked to the window. Staring outside, he looked at the rainy horizon and hoped to see Alice soon. Thanks to the doctor and nurse caring for her, she was in good hands, but he didn’t like seeing her in such a frail condition.
“Sir?” the doctor spoke behind him.
He turned, holding a breath. “How’s Alice?”
“The bullet went through her shoulder. She will be up and about in a few days. We expect a full recovery.”
Ryan blew out the air in his lungs. “Thank you. May I see her?”
“Of course but only for a while. She lost a lot of blood and is resting now. Follow me please.”
With every step he took down the long white corridor, Ryan felt his gut knot a bit more. Screams from the grand recovery room reached his ears. He thanked the doctor in silence for placing Alice in a private room, away from all the suffering. When they reached the end of the corridor, tall windows on each side of the bed illuminated a small room. Ryan froze and brought a hand against his mouth. Alice’s pale face frightened him to his core. The doctor had reassured him, but until she recovered he feared for her life. He pulled out the chair and placed it beside the bed. Taking her small hand between his, he brought her fingers to his lips.
“You’ll be all right in no time,” he said with confidence.
Painful memories of his mother in a hospital bed resurfaced. He had almost lost her when he was a child and since then thanked the stars above for sparing her life. With the back of his hand, he touched Alice’s cheek, feeling the coolness. Thick bandages covered her shoulder. Her long auburn hair fanned out on the pillow. An angel slept. His angel on Earth. For the longest time, he had dreamed of the same woman. Yet, Ryan had never been able to see her face. All he saw was the Ethereal light around her, shining, guiding him toward her. Was he seeing Alice? Before he met this enchanting woman, he stopped believed in love after his relationship with Ashley. Now, he wondered if a chance at love smiled upon him.
While Ryan watched Alice sleep, a smile formed on his lips. His trousers tightened with thoughts of her sweet lips. Desire for her grew with each passing day. He knew madness played a role in his clouded judgment, but he didn’t care. He had one life to live, and he wanted to know more about Alice. Her courage and strength called out to him. The way she kissed him back the other day told him no other man claimed her heart. But he wanted—needed—certainty before he took a chance. Bringing her fingers against his mouth, he pressed a gentle kiss, feeling the coolness of her skin. Who hurt you, Alice? He wanted to know. Anger rose within him.
Around town, he heard about women marching for voting rights and the police officers watching them, but he never thought someone would use their firearms. Women had their reasons and had as much as rights as men when it came to voting. They had their say. What happened today for the constables to shoot at a peaceful march? No matter. Next time, he would accompany Alice and Isabel. That way, they would have someone to protect them. The need to be there for Alice overtook reason. He knew they barely knew each other, but the times they spent together working and talking, Ryan grew to appreciate her and like her more every day.
For now, they kept their relationship on a professional level. Yet, he couldn’t deny his strong attraction for her.
With great care, he smoothed a strand of hair. Her lips beckoned him. He wanted to taste her again.
Not yet, he reasoned. Instead, he kissed her cool brow. “I’m here, Alice. I’ll be here for as long as you need me.”

Jackie’s complete book list
Klondike Winter
A Soldier’s Vow
Forever Yours
A Kiss Under the Mistletoe
Hidden Desire
On His Honor
Colliding Hearts

Reviewer quotes for Jackie's current books
A Soldier’s Vow
Romancing the Book rated it 5 of 5 stars 
Review by Desere: We all know that sending a loved one off to war is one of the hardest things in life to do and the only hope you can have is that they will return safely. In A Soldier's Vow by Jackie M. Smith, we travel with the couple (whose names to me are so unique as I have never read a book before containing these names so I'll keep those a surprise) on a journey of passion, love, honor and an everlasting promise.
You can feel the emotion right throughout the book so intensely that it truly does feel like you are the heroine waiting on your hero to come home. I cried, I laughed, and I rejoiced in this stunning novel. Jackie you have truly outdone yourself. And to those of you who have ever had the illusion that a war related romance novel is too much emotion or just not your style, I can tell you you're missing out for with A Soldier's Vow you cannot go wrong and you will want to share it with the world afterwards it is a true romantics dream.

Forever Yours
4.0 out of 5 stars Sweetly Romantic, February 18, 2013
By Lauren K. (New York, NY)
Jackie M. Smith's story, Forever Yours, tells the stories of two lovers torn apart by war. The heroine is unique, as she is a pilot for the Royal Air Force, and her lover, Philip, is a childhood friend who falls in love with her as they head into battle. Unsure of whether she will return to his arms, Philip holds fast to his love as the reader holds fast to the hope that the two will reunite. Romantic and thrilling.

Jackie Online

Where to buy Jackie’s books

Print versions
Klondike Winter
A Soldier’s Vow

Jackie M. Smith was born in the Maritimes of French-speaking father and English-speaking mother. She has three younger sisters. Jackie has always loved reading her mother’s romance books. After moving to Montreal, she worked as a customer service representative. But her love for writing romances has never stopped.

Since 2010, she has been a full-time writer in both English and French languages. When she’s not writing her next great romance, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and of course promoting her work.

Happy reading!