Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Zelda re-re dux

It Gets Worse

I'd almost made it out the door.

Going somewhere?


You're skipping town again, aren't you?


Zelda grabbed my shirt tail and yanked.
I huff and puff and yank back.
You are out of line this time, sister
He wants no part of me
My cave is waiting
My muse is beckoning

Zelda is not amused
Your fucking muse is just bored.
Last night in Valhalla?
She spun the bottle and let it land on you. Ha!  You're it.
Lucky you
You get to write the play the gods are waiting for
And while you're writing it
He's gone.

Happy now?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Last Tango

I went to find Zelda
She had been off the screen for months
And we missed her.
I found her
Hunched over a martini
In a bar that revolved high above the City
Slowly, but with determination.

She did not look up.
Zelda!  I cried.
Come back to the dance
You left mid-tango.  He misses you.
She took a long pull on her drink and
Gazed out over the City.
My fingers touched her wet cheek.
Why, Zelda?
Because, Babe,
She smiled at me through her tears,

He ate my big fish. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A short Zelda. More to come


I go to the farmers’ market with Zelda.
She buys flowers
For her lover’s ex-lover
And sends them
Squashed into a nine-by-eleven manila envelope.
She agreed after considerable debate,  not

To include a note.