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What set Ellie off anyway? A thought intruded. No, couldn’t be. He checked her profile. Nah. But his mouth formed a hopeful smile, and he leaned back, humming his favorite tune. Flotsam & Jetsam

The dashing Frenchman or the handsome handyman? Who will she choose? For the Love of a Spy

Monday, July 28, 2014

Secret Lives and Hot Reads: Karen Samoranos' New Release

Karen Kennedy Samoranos has written a super hot (4 flames) erotic romance, The Secret Life of Richard McCoy, and I’d like to share it with you.

Sally Eldridge was confident, savvy and competitive, excelling in the male-dominated field of Grand Prix sport bike racing until a life-shattering accident severely damaged her body and psyche. Twenty-seven years of marriage to Richard McCoy served as a buffer from life’s uncertainty. Over time, she surrendered self-reliance to Richard’s control.

Life changes abruptly when Richard dies while on a business trip. Overwhelmed by the devastating loss, Sally is forced to relearn skills she relinquished during marriage to a willful man. She initially accepts Richard’s death until shocking details emerge that upend thirty years. She uncovers his covert life of sexual affairs, illegitimate children, and hidden assets in an obscure corporation. Her investigation exposes her to one man desperate enough to kill her, and another who has been in love with Sally for a decade.

To take control of her future, Sally must expose every truth, even if it means risking her life in the process. 

Excerpt (PG)
 “Mrs. McCoy, if you’re hell-bent on selling then why not sell only forty-nine percent of the winery to your employees and retain control of fifty-one percent?”
“Why not?” she said, futilely trying to put aside her oversexed drama.
She was relieved Vic Callahan hadn’t asked to sleep with her, though she was disappointed that he wouldn’t be servicing her physical needs. What a perfect arrangement it would be, a virile man at her disposal and too past his prime to demand carnal access to her morning, noon, and night, like a sex-crazed college student. Not that she’d mind, but—
“Mrs. McCoy, are you all right?” Vic asked, because her eyes had a faraway quality, and her cheeks were flushed.
“Yes. I’m fine,” she said, annoyed with her sexual single-mindedness. She imagined the expression of idiocy on her face. She couldn’t support her cause as a widow with wherewithal by behaving as though she had brain damage, when all she needed was a vigorous roll in the hay.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Callahan, I am considering your suggestion. It actually makes a lot of sense financially.”
“Thank you, Mrs. McCoy. Seems to me companies do better when they’re employee owned. And this way, you’d still get to keep major control of the winery.”
“It’s a very intelligent idea,” she agreed. She pushed away from the table, and stood, feeling the heat disperse from her inner thighs. She hoped he wouldn’t pick up on her horniness from his side of the room.
Vic got up quickly, and placed his hat on his head.
“Thank you, ma’am. Now, if I were you, thinking about selling a share of my winery, I’d pay for a smart attorney to keep in my pocket, one that’s versed in corporate law, to make sure I don’t get screwed.”
Screwed. She burned at that word intoned in Vic’s voice, and involuntarily licked her lips.
He smiled again, and she clenched her teeth to keep from reacting on a physical level. The man spoke with care in low tones and she supposed his face would eventually look like soft leather from years of exposure to the sun and wind. But at this age, he was attractive, his eyes sharp, and mannerisms infinitely seductive. That physically conditioned body of his was…well, beautiful came to mind, though she figured a man would be less inclined to consider this description of his own physique acceptable.
She decided he was sexy then, a must-ride. She could feel herself getting wet at the mere thought of straddling Vic Callahan buckaroo, draped across his willing hips, and feeling the smooth stroking of a stiff cock that surely must match his lithe, ageless build. Maybe he would grip her waist with those strong hands, encircling her naked buttocks, and draw her in.
She let her eyes rove, taking in his broad shoulders and wide chest, curving into muscled loins and a round posterior, a body a woman could enjoy in an erotic sense, even if the man who owned it seemed impervious to love. They were matched closely in height. The thought of kissing a man as enticing as Vic with a mere tilt of the chin made her heart pound. She wondered how his whiskers would feel brushing across her nipples and imagined pulling him in by his narrow hips, wrapping her legs around him while he thrust into her, uttering primal groans of pleasure in her ear.

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About the Author
Karen Kennedy Samoranos

When not writing, Karen Kennedy Samoranos co-manages a music education business in the Bay Area with her husband, Clifford, focusing on jazz theory and live stage performance for children ages 5 through 18. She has four adult children, and four young grandchildren. In her off hours, she hikes, and is an avid fisherman, and motorcyclist (both dirt and street), and an advocate for regular exercise, red wine and whole foods.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Five Fabulous Hearts for Lapses of Memory

Read Marchelle's review in gotromancereviews on my Reviews page or here: http://gotromancereviews.blogspot.com/2014/07/lapses-of-memory-by-ms-spencer.html

Here's a snippet: "This is a very touching story and I was completely drawn in. The characters were vivid and real. I found myself wanting to skip to the end to reassure myself it would all work out. That's how invested I was in these characters. I'm glad I didn't read ahead and ruin the ending. The anticipation was definitely worth it!”

More Stops on the SCP Road: Karen Cino and Love Challenges and Desires

Welcome Karen Cino and her super romance Love Challenges and Desires. Tell us about Rose and Alex…and Marco!

Rose Bocchino is a photographer who lands a job at Walcott Cosmetic Corporation.  Immediately she hits it off with her boss, Alex Walcott. Despite being divorced, he still lives in the apartment in his mansion to be closer to his daughters.  

Once officially divorced, Rose is ready to begin her life with Alex who continues to insist the timing isn’t right. He fears once he leaves, his ex-wife will limit his parental rights. 

Rocker Marco Corrente is hired to be the spokesperson for Walcott’s new men’s cologne line. From the moment he meets Rose, he falls hard for her.

Rose despises Marco’s bad boy image, leading her to turn the photo shoot over to her assistant who has plans of her own. The tension builds between Marco and Rose as the shoot moves forward.

Will Rose let her heart lead the way down the right path?

Excerpt (PG)

The door to the editing room opened and Lena appeared. “Sorry for bothering you two, but I can’t keep myself locked up in here any longer. I’ll be on my merry way and then you two can do whatever it was you were doing.”
“We’re not doing anything this time, Lena. Alex was just about to tell me his choice for spokesperson for Mandolay.” Turning to Alex, she asked, “Do you mind if Lena sticks around for this? She’ll be helping me.”
“Not a problem at all. I’d like to hear her feedback on my idea.”
“Okay. Stop stalling and tell me who this mystery man is.”
“I think the perfect person for this job would be Marco Corrente.”
“No way.” Rose fumed, shaking her head. “I disagree with you on this one. He spells trouble, Alex, and you know it. He has been in and out of rehab so many times I can’t see him being a role model.”
“I can’t believe this. That’s an excellent choice, Alex. You’re right. He’s just perfect. He has the look and not only will it sell to the younger crowd with his comeback tour starting soon, but it will also sell to the men who grew up in the ‘80s,” Lena excitedly said.
“I can’t believe this,” Rose muttered.
“What can’t you believe?” Lena asked.
“That you’re actually going along with Alex on this one.”
“But Corrente is the perfect choice. And besides, he is really sexy.”
“I don’t give a damn about his looks. The man is nothing but trouble. Did you two forget he was arrested for hitting a photographer a few years ago?” Turning to Alex, she argued, “Why him out of all the gorgeous young male models out there?”
“Lena explained it perfectly. I also just found out Corrente is making a comeback album, with all the proceeds going to the Children’s Cancer Hospital Research Foundation. Not only will he be doing us a favor, but we will be doing him a favor by advertising him too.”
“Bullshit. I stand my ground. He is known as the bad boy of rock and roll. I can’t see him fitting into such a sophisticated environment here at Walcott.” Rose stepped back from Alex, folding her arms against her waist.
“I’m sorry, angel, but you really don’t have a say in this.” His words stabbed her. He hesitated for a minute before he continued, “As far as I go and the board of directors, Corrente is the one.”
“Thanks a lot, Alex.” She frowned. “I feel this is going to be a mistake.”
Laughing, Alex walked to the door. “I’ll see you later on.” Turning to Lena, he added, “Let me know if she takes this out on you. Because if she does, she will be in big trouble.” He winked.
As soon as the door closed, Rose turned to Lena. “How could you not back me up on this one?”
“Because I disagree with you. I truly believe Marco is the best marketing strategy for Walcott.”
Sighing, Rose nodded her head in agreement. “I guess you’re right. Maybe I’m being too hard on him before I even meet him. You know the old saying, you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the tabloids. I should at least give him the chance to prove me right.”
“Come on, Rose. People do make positive changes in their lives, and besides, you can’t go into this with that kind of an attitude.”
“Why not?”
“Because then for sure it’s not going to work out. Just leave the dirty work to me. I’m sure Alex has already been in contact with his agent and the papers drawn and signed. If you’d like, he’s doing a charity concert in New York City. We can go, so I can prove to you the man is reformed.”
“Yeah,” Rose sarcastically replied, pacing around the studio. “It’s all part of the act. Look like the good guy, and people will buy his new album. It’s all a marketing farce.”
“I truly hope you’re wrong.”
“You know something, I hope I am too. I promise you I will have an open mind from the beginning to end of this campaign.”
“Now that’s the spirit.” Lena laughed clenching her fist in victory. “This is the Rose we all know and love.”
* * * *
Two days later, Rose and Lena stood in the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City for Marco’s charity concert for the Children’s Hospital. Marco’s agent, Jason Fox, had sent them two tickets to the concert. When they arrived at the theater, Jason met them at the backstage door and led them into a private room.
Extending his hand, Rose shook it. “Nice to meet you Jason.” She smiled. “Mr. Walcott sends his apologies for not being able to attend tonight. I’m Rose and this is my assistant, Lena. We are the photographers who will be doing the photo shoot.”
“The pleasure is all mine. I’m glad that you were able to attend.” He extended his hand to Lena and she received it smiling.
“Yeah, so am I. I’m looking forward to seeing the show,” Lena said acknowledging him.
“Are you ladies familiar with Marco’s music?” Jason asked loosening his tie and opening the top button of his pale blue dress shirt.
“Vaguely. I’m really not a rock and roller,” Rose replied.
“I love his music,” Lena added. “I grew up with it.”
“You’re going to love this concert. He plays a lot of his older songs and weaves in some of his new ones,” Jason explained, opening up the bottle of Mandolay cologne. “Thank Mr. Walcott for the cologne.”
“I will. I would have to say it was the perfect trade-off. Two stage passes for two bottles of cologne.”
“And my wife thanks you too, for the perfume, creams and palette of colors you sent her.”
“It’s my pleasure,” Rose replied.
When the instrumental music began, Jason walked with them to the door. “The show should be beginning in a few minutes. If you would come with me.”
Rose and Lena followed him through a tunnel and behind the stage where total chaos was going on. The drummer was tapping his sticks against the wall and the two guitarists were making sure they were in tune with each other.
“I wonder where Marco is,” Lena whispered to Rose. “I can’t wait to see him. I remember as a teenager listening to his music.” Laughing, she said, “You know me, I’m a rock and roller.”
“Yes I do. I hear your music while you’re downloading the pictures.”
The lights dimmed and there was a drum roll. “Ladies and gentlemen, we at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City would like to thank Marco Corrente and his band for being here tonight. All the proceeds of this show will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Hospital Research Foundation.” Applause. “So without further ado I present you with….Marco Corrente.”
The music started, the curtains rose and Marco stepped forward and started belting out his classic hit, Forbidden Lover. Marco was definitely a looker. He stood tall and slim, clad in tight blue jeans and T-shirt. His light brown hair lay floppily on his shirt collar and his chestnut eyes complimented his hair.
Lena became totally smitten by his charm and had a permanent smile frozen on her face. Rose looked around at the audience in amazement. Ages ranged from young to old and everyone sang along with the songs. She hated to admit it, but she was having a really good time.
“Isn’t this great,” Lena yelled above the music.
“Yes it is. I’ve never been to a rock concert before.”
“You don’t know what you’ve been missing.” Lena squeezed Rose’s arms. “He is hot.”
Rose laughed as she watched Lena getting crazy. By the end of the show, she was also singing along and sorry to see the concert end. Marco came out for two encores, making the audience wild each and every time.
People threw flowers and stuffed animals onto the stage. Marco gathered a few animals and raised them up in the air in victory. “Thank you, thank you very much,” he said. “Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by all the children at the Children’s Cancer Hospital.”
Marco walked off stage and disappeared down the corridor. The lights went on in the theater as the crowd began leaving still cheering.
“Ladies, did you enjoy the show?” Jason asked standing next to Lena.
“I loved it,” Lena giggled. “He was absolutely great. It brought back so many good memories of my teenage years.”
“I thought it was pretty good,” Rose commented. “You must understand I’m not a rocker, so many of the songs I didn’t recognize.”
“I saw you singing along. I think you enjoyed it more than you’re willing to admit,” Lena added, embarrassing Rose.
Coming to the rescue of an uncomfortable conversation, Jason asked, “Would you ladies like to meet Marco?”
“I’d love to,” Lena answered. “I think it would be beneficial to meet before the photo shoot. What do you think, Rose?”
I think I’m going to kill you is what Rose wanted to say. Instead she mumbled, “I think that’s a great idea.”
“Great, follow me.”
They followed Jason down the long corridor. As they approached a door at the end, the music and talking got louder. Jason led them into an overcrowded conference room with people drinking plenty of booze. Rose wanted to leave but knew Lena had no intention of doing so without meeting Marco.
“This is great!” Lena whispered to Rose. “I always wondered what went on after concerts.”
“Apparently a lot of eating and drinking.”
“Come on, let’s go and get ourselves a drink. Somewhere along the way we lost Jason.”
They walked over to the bar and both girls grabbed a bottle of beer. “Come on, loosen up a bit,” Lena warned Rose.
“I’m fine. I just feel a slight bit uncomfortable.”
“Why? Not use to drinking beer out of a bottle,” she joked causing Rose to laugh.
“I’m glad you ladies are enjoying yourself.” Jason held a tall glass of champagne. “Did you help yourself to the buffet?”
“No, thank you. I have an early shoot tomorrow morning. I really should get going,” Rose explained placing her beer bottle on the waiter’s tray.
“Don’t be crazy. And here comes the man of the hour.” Jason took two glasses of champagne from the waitress and handed one to Rose.
Everyone began clapping as Marco stood in the doorway dressed in a black muscle shirt and tight jeans displaying a cocky grin on his long olive colored face.
“He is gorgeous, isn’t he?” Lena asked.
“He’s not bad. Not my type though.”
“I know.” She laughed. “I wouldn’t mind looking at him everyday.”
Rose nudged her. “Are you forgetting you are engaged?”
“Hell no. You can look at the merchandise just as long as you don’t touch it,” she explained.
“You are a very sick lady,” Rose laughed, “and one hundred percent right.”
“And here they come,” Lena whispered, referring to Jason walking over to them with Marco by his side.
“Marco, I’d like to introduce you to Rose and Lena.”
“Nice to meet you, ladies.” Marco nodded.
“You were great,” Lena’s voice trembled. “I have always been a big fan of yours since I was a teenager.”
“Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the concert. Can I offer you something?” he asked Lena.
“No, thank you. I have an early photo shoot with Rose tomorrow morning.” Lena pointed to her.
“Rose, nice to meet you,” he said, extending his hand to her.
Rose took a sip of her champagne before shaking his hand. “Same here. You seem to have a nice fan base. I saw young and old singing along with you.”
“It’s a good feeling knowing my music is still alive and has been passed on from parents to children. The music of today leaves so much to be desired. The lyrics, in general, I feel are too violent and sexual for their fan base.”
“I totally agree with you. That’s why I stick to my disco classics.”
“Aw…What’s a glitter chick like you doing at a rock concert?” Marco chuckled.
“I’m here because your agent, Jason Fox, invited us. I’m the photographer and this is my assistant, Lena. We are in charge of the marketing campaign you will be doing for Walcott Cosmetics.”
“Well, I’ll be damned.” Marco rocked on the heels of his black boots. “It’s a pleasure to meet you prior to the shoot. I was hoping I didn’t get stuck with some old decrepit photographer who was trying to make a comeback like me.” He laughed jokingly sliding his hands into his back pockets.
“Oh God, that would have been my luck,” Rose said.
“Mine too,” Lena added getting back into the conversation. “I’m sure this campaign will be beneficial to all of us.”
“Indeed it will be.” He smiled.
“Would you mind if I stopped by the studio to try the cologne, since I am endorsing it.”
“Sure. You can stop by at any time. I’m in the studio from eight o’clock in the morning until sometimes way past ten at night.”
“Great. I’ll see you in a day or two. Now if you would excuse me, I have to get back to my other guests. I’ll see you in a few.”

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About the Author

Karen Cino is an author, poet and former journalist.  She’d been writing since she was fourteen years old.  She started her career by writing poetry, short stories and articles for her high school newspaper and the Staten Island Register.  After reading Jackie Collin’s “Lovers and Gamblers” she knew she found her niche, writing women’s fiction.

Her daily walk down at the boardwalk is what gets her muse going.  It clears her mind and helps her find realistic plot ideas and characters, boosting her muse.  She loves writing about local places that people can relate to.

Karen is a single mom living in Staten Island, New York with her two adult children, Michael and Nicole, and three cats.


Website:  www.karencino.com

Also by Karen Cino with Secret Cravings Publishing
The Boardwalk
Mystical Wonders: Circle of Friends
Mystical Wonders:  Second Chances
           Mystical Wonders:  The Right Call
              Mystical Wonders:  Survival

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saving Shelby Summers--Sweet Romance from Margaret Sutherland

The Secret Cravings On the Road Blog Tour has done it again! Today we have Margaret Sutherland and her new release Saving Shelby Summers, a lovely sweet romance. Take it away, Margaret!

Shelby Summers has serious problems. A mysterious stranger, a demanding boss, a lost child and two stray dogs are only the beginning…

During a wild storm, Shelby Summers is rescued by a mysterious stranger who then disappears, leaving no way for her to thank him. The man haunts her memory. At twenty-two, Shelby is trying to understand why she attracts men who don’t respect her. Her traumatic adolescence has left scars. How can she become assertive and find a loving partner?

Fate brings Shelby and her rescuer together again. Nathan Monroe, a country veterinarian, has reluctantly moved with his four-year-old daughter Caity to the city. He needs to begin life again after a personal tragedy.

When he offers Shelby employment as a nanny for Caity, she is hopeful. Might she even build a life with this enigmatic man, his daughter, and the two stray dogs that need a home? Shelby must make a confronting choice. It is time to claim her personal strength, and face her worst fear of all.

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Excerpt (PG)
Nathan Monroe parked his mud-splattered Nissan Patrol on the cliff top overlooking the beach and sat looking down at the turmoil of whitecaps and hissing surf. The wild, lonely vista matched his mood. The past came with you, however far you traveled.
     Shrugging on his oilskin coat, he stepped out into the rain and stood facing the icy southerly. The wind whipped his brown hair as he strode to the cliff edge. Legs planted apart, arms hugging his chest, he was a dark, unapproachable figure, defiant in his stance. At the end of the beach, spray geysered high as waves smashed onto the rocks. Lashing rain, almost horizontal, stung his face and he pulled up the black hood. His vision was blurred as he squinted, peering downwards. Had he imagined movement on the beach? A vague shape    interrupted the otherwise deserted vista. Large logs, washed up and rolled about by the ferocity of the current? Surely not a swimmer on such a day? An uneasy premonition gripped him. Instinctively he began to run downhill, digging the heels of his boots into the steep track to gain purchase as his stride lengthened.
     His senses kicked in. He heard screams for help and saw the horse half-buried in black mud. The smeared rider, also caught in the sinkhole, was supporting the terrified animal’s neck above the encroaching waves. The tide was coming in.  
     “Please help.” The boy sounded desperate. “Help us!”
Nathan had reached the perimeter of the sand and the boy waved frantically. “Get back! If you get caught, we’ll all...”
     “We’ll have you both out in a jiffy.” Would he? Time was critical. Stay calm. His trained veterinary mind went into analytical mode. The Nissan’s towing capacity would easily handle a horse weighing around four or five hundred kilograms. Fortunately he had heavy ropes. He'd even tossed his stun gun in with his vet case before driving down from Roma for the interview. He must get the four wheel drive down to the beach, get the horse roped, free the rider then use the vehicle to ease the horse free.
     “Try not to panic. Talk to your horse. Keep him calm if possible. I’m bringing transport now.”
     The boy’s muddy features dissolved into terror at the prospect of being left alone. He was only a teenager, as far as Nathan could judge. The waves were already creeping closer. Would he have time to carry out a rescue? The thought of the boy and his horse vanishing from sight was too horrible to bear.
     “Hang in there!” Turning, he sprinted towards the steep track. Was it the only vehicle access? He’d be at a forty five degree angle, and he had no time to consider tire pressure. Compelled by the plea of the trapped boy, he had to stop calculating and simply do it. Panting, he arrived at the Nissan, engaged the low range gear and took an involuntary deep breath as he went over the edge and the horizon disappeared.
     Plunging down the steep slope, the Nissan angled sharply, on the verge of rolling. Nathan forced that image out of his head and concentrated on reaching the beach below. The tires slipped and skidded, the body swaying from side to side and lurching horribly as it hit buried logs and debris. Miraculously, he was on the beach, desperately seeking traction in the sand.
     The rider and horse looked smaller, as though they’d sunk further into the treacherous pit. He could see the muddy arm flail, waving to him. Poor kid! This must be what pure terror felt like. As he came closer, he could see the whites of the horse’s eyes as it struggled to break free.
     “Hold on, fella!” Delivering the steady patter of words he’d so often used to calm a birthing cow or a sheep tangled in a barbed wire fence, Nathan grabbed the heaviest ropes.

Margaret Sutherland and Friend
About the Author
Margaret Sutherland is a New Zealand author who lives in Australia. She has recently turned from general novel writing to a new category; romance with dogs. Her romantic stories are grounded in reality, with dogs playing a part in the stories.  Enthusiastic 5 star reviews encourage this author to enjoy this new stage of her impressive writing career. Readers who like well-crafted writing, a good story and the ‘Aaw!’ factor will love these romantic tales.
More information is on her website at www.margaretsutherland.com

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SCP welcomes Paloma Beck and Shadowed Spirit

Welcome Paloma Beck with Book Six of the Seven Sin Sisters seriesa fabulous erotic paranormal romance. Paloma, I hope you brought a hot excerpt with you!

Shadowed Spirit
Series: Seven Sin Sisters Series, Book Six
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Author: Paloma Beck
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Page Count: 80

The seven Sinster sisters are entwined in a legacy originating back from the time of the Italian Wars in the 1500s. One by one, they’ll find their mates from the immortal Valendite Breeds and secure their place in history.
After escaping a kidnapping, Sadie returns to her carefree life as a dancer, turning away once again from the realities of her destiny as a Sinster sister. This time, she takes a job in Vegas to hide away. Burdened by the soul sin of Sloth, Sadie can’t seem to care about the prophecy that consumes her family.
Granger, on assignment with TEU, heads to Vegas to protect her. Everything is going as planned until he discovers Sadie is his mate and then all bets are off. Now his mission is not only to protect Sadie until the prophecy is fulfilled and the danger abated but he must also convince her that accepting their destiny will make her stronger. He doesn’t have much time because as they hide out in the city of sin, her sisters await her to join their circle and forge a magic stronger than steel.
Sadie is about to find out that she holds the final key to saving her race.

Excerpt (R)

Sadie rubbed the full length of her body against him even as he felt the unmistakable link solidify between them. His cock lengthened and tightened the pants he desperately needed to get out of. Enough was enough. Why was he holding back? This was fate. What would happen next was inevitable.

“Bed. Now. Before I take you standing up.” Granger’s husky words pushed abruptly through his gritted teeth.

Sadie paused a moment too long before moving so Granger swung her into his arms and stomped to the bedroom at the other end of the suite. Dropping her on the bed, he removed his clothes with a single thought.

“I need to be naked. I need my flesh to touch your flesh, with no barriers,” he explained. The blush on her cheeks was absolutely delightful.

Granger leaned over and took one of her legs into his hand and kissed each tiny, delicate painted toe. She gasped when he sucked on her big toe, pulling into his mouth just as he planned to do to her nipples. Releasing it, he gave the same treatment to her other foot, her other toes. By the time he worked his way up her thighs, Sadie was flushed and heavy-lidded with desire. She was putty in his hands.

With his mate lying naked below him, Granger drank in the sight. He leaned down, kneeling over the edge of the bed, and breathed in her scent. It was musky, but held the subtle undertone of something sweet. Clean-shaven and with just a mere scrap along her center, he could see the pink, swollen folds as they grew wet. He blew out a breath and watched her muscles tense and relax. Then when he’d had enough, or when he needed more, he bit down into the fabric of her panties and pulled until he heard the threads snap.

With a clear view, Granger separated Sadie’s legs further and ran his nose along her core. He inhaled her scent and knew it would forever be his undoing. Then he tasted. With a single lick from back to front, he scooped up the moisture and drank it in. It was a feast for his soul as he felt something inside him shift. What the fuck?

Shaking off the distraction, he drew himself deeper into her, curling his tongue and using it to feel along her opening and inside the channel he’d soon fill. He lapped over and over until her folds were puffy and dark pink. Then he honed in on her clit, the tiny bundle of nerves protruding from the small hood at the top of her core.

Sucking the bundle into his mouth, Granger heard Sadie grow louder, heard her praying to the Goddess, but he wouldn’t let anything distract him. He was a man on a mission and he planned to have blast off any second now. Suck. Pull. Nibble. Moving his tongue and lips until he felt the tightening of her thighs and heard the scream she could no longer hold back.

Then, satisfied that he’d pleased her, Granger moved above Sadie to kiss her. They shared the flavor of her satisfaction on his tongue and lips. She eagerly lapped up the juices remaining on his face and despite believing his cock couldn’t get harder, it did.

 “Porca l'oca! I am crazy for this. Ho un debole per te.” Granger panted out the words as he flipped Sadie onto her stomach, lifted her ass in the air, and pressed his swollen cockhead against her moist folds.

She was ready, prepared, and there was no hope of delaying any further. Once he felt her relax into the feel of him so close to her, her back bow under his touch, Granger pushed forward. Slowly, ever-so-damn-slowly, he entered his mate. Each and every ripple, soft tissue, hard muscle, heated cream—Granger felt everything. It burned him, not just his dick, but something inside of him warmed. He felt tight, as if his skin was suddenly shrunk and too small to fit his body. He strained against the sensation and felt as if he’d burst. Holding still, fully seated inside Sadie, Granger’s arms held him completely above her so he could feel his chest on her back.

“Granger, don’t go slow, please.” Sadie’s plea snapped every synapse in Granger’s body to attention.

Shifting his weight, he pivoted his hips. Fast and furious, Granger took his mate. The heat and slide, the sounds of their cores connecting with each thrust, propelled him. He wasn’t being gentle. And while he hoped he was giving, right now his only thoughts were on taking. Taking his mate. Making his claim.

Paloma Beck is a Romance Author living a life of contradiction... she's a happily married carpooling mom writing steamy romance. It's almost naughty but she loves it! Paloma writes both contemporary and paranormal romances that are anything but PG. She published her first book in 2012 and hasn't slowed down since. Look for more information on her Website.
With her husband and three sons, the Blue Ridge mountains have been her home for nearly twenty years. There's still a special place in her heart though for New England where she spent her childhood. The lakes of Maine call her name and someday she hopes to find her way back there.
Paloma believes a daily dose of coffee and a good book make any day better.
BLOG:                        http://RomanceBeckons.blogspot.com
WEBSITE:                 http://RomanceBeckons.net
TWITTER:                https://twitter.com/PalomaBeck
FACEBOOK:              http://www.facebook.com/SevenSinSistersSeries
GOODREADS:          http://goodreads.com/PalomaBeck
AMAZON:                 http://www.amazon.com/Paloma-Beck
TUMBLR:                  http://palomabeck.tumblr.com/
PINTEREST:             http://pinterest.com/PalomaBeck