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What set Ellie off anyway? A thought intruded. No, couldn’t be. He checked her profile. Nah. But his mouth formed a hopeful smile, and he leaned back, humming his favorite tune. Flotsam & Jetsam

The dashing Frenchman or the handsome handyman? Who will she choose? For the Love of a Spy

Saturday, June 28, 2014

On the Road Again--Encountering an Unexpected Storm

Please welcome Elodie Parkes with her new release Unexpected Storm, a short erotic romance. Take it away, Elodie!

When Holly takes a vacation with friends, she never dreams she will meet someone who turns her lonely life around in just one afternoon…the question is, can this kind of heat last…

Unexpected Storm
Released June 21 from Secret Cravings Publishing
Erotic short romance

Buy links:


 “I’ll drive you to the hotel. It’ll only take five minutes on the road. It’ll take you fifteen up the cliff steps. They might still be slippery from the earlier downpour.” He pictured the dark wooden steps, with their cracks full of sand and wildflowers growing out of them at the edges.

“That’s so kind, Will, thank you.”

He followed her through the kitchen and watched her pick up her cell phone. They went quietly to the hall where she retrieved her beach bag.

Will opened a drawer in the hall table and took out a set of car keys. He picked up the door key from the top. Without a shirt or shoes, he walked to the Jeep and helped Holly into it.
Before he started the car engine, he looked across at her. Desperation to see her again, tell her he felt something for her, forced a sigh.

She looked at him and Will was certain there was longing in her expression.

When they were on the road to the hotel, he spoke. “I’ll look out for you on the beach tomorrow. Holly, is there any chance I can see you again? Could we have lunch, or just coffee, or something? I’d like to see you. You can reach me at the Surf and Sail shop. I’d offer my number, but…” He waited for her answer, hopefully.

“I’ll find you there, soon.” She sounded happy.

It lifted his heart, and he let out a breath, unaware he’d been holding it until then. Relief flooded him and he grinned as he drove through the hotel gates and stopped by the fountain to let Holly out.

She turned to him and kissed him by the side of his mouth.

He caught her head and kissed her lips.

When she’d gone, he drove around the fountain and out to the road.

About the author
Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy, cool stories and hot love scenes.
Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.
Elodie writes for Hot Ink PressMoon Rose PublishingEternal PressSecret Cravings, and Evernight. She has also released titles as an individual indie author.

Find Elodie online: Blog  Tumblr  Facebook  Twitter 
 Google +  Pinterest  YouTube  Amazon USA  Amazon UK Smashwords  Barnes and Noble  ARe  Bookstrand  Evernight TRR ManicReaders 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Master Dragon is On the Road with Secret Cravings

Please welcome Gray Dixon and her latest release from Secret Cravings, Master Dragon. Today she's offering a PG excerpt.

For thirty-five years, Brock Dragon has been single, but for good reason. Working at Club Tabu, Knight Enterprises, attending college and taking care of his family, he just didn’t have time to meet the right woman and fall in love. That is, until the little spitfire with short hair and the curves of a real woman steals his breath away.

When Karlie Larson returns home to Dallas, Texas, as a Doctor of Aero-Astro Physics, she never planned to explore her sexuality at Club Tabu with the urging of her cousin. She quickly realizes the stranger with the dragon tattoo can give her what she has only fantasized about.

Can one look, one kiss, one whisper from the dangerous Bad Boy of the Big D turn into Mr. Right and give Karlie a first time she’ll never forget, shaking the very foundation of her well-ordered world?

Master Dragon
302 pp., four flames (Erotic, BDSM)

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Okay, a minute longer and she would’ve lost all control. The Dragon Man totally unhinged her confidence. Would he want to be with her when he finished whatever he had to do? Or, was she pretty much on her own? Dayum! She wanted him, and how strange was that? Sure, it was a losing proposition to think she wouldn’t see him later, but she could hope. When he put his hand on her back and led her to the couch, she nearly came unglued and collapsed on the floor. How she made it the fifteen or so feet before doing so amazed her.

Something about the man’s voice, the way he carried himself, and the gentleness he used to touch her pulled her up into his sphere like a physical force she couldn’t fight. A blend of indescribable magnetism she’d not felt before. He had an edgy darkness and demand and total male confidence and dominance.

Holy crap. He looked the same way with his black leather pants and motorcycle boots. A matching leather vest only just covered his bare chest. His sandy blond hair was slicked back from his face, and a tie of some kind held everything in place. The stubble on his jaw gave him a fierce look which only accentuated the ice blue stare he gave her at the moment. What fascinated her more was the tattoo snaking up his arm and disappearing under the vest.

Despite her fears of being at this club, her pulse jumped in anticipation of spending time with the Dragon Man. Watching his backside as he walked away, she couldn’t help but admire his exquisite physique. Those pants accentuated his thighs to perfection. Double dayum!

When he suggested they talk about BDSM, there was no alternative but to get defiant or bitchy as Bailey would term the behavior. True, this was the first and probably last opportunity she’d have to learn first-hand instead of reading the fictional books sitting on her tablet or packed in a box. Everything she’d seen so far at Tabu came straight out of her fantasies, including the Dragon Man. She was tired of living in her head, but he was too real, too scary, and too damn sexy. Was she crazy not to take advantage of it? When would a man like him ever drop into her lap again?

Questions? She had a million of them, but to ask him? No way on God’s green earth could she talk to him about such intimate things. Dayum again! She was still a virgin, and though she understood the mechanics of sex, she knew the first time would be weird. Like where to put her hands or how far should she spread her legs, or would it hurt? Do it on a bed and in the dark? She knew the answer to that one. He’d want to have every light off because she wasn’t exactly the most beautiful woman. A man like Brock Dragon could have his pick of gorgeous women. She glanced at the woman blindfolded and hog-tied only ten feet away.

She’s even pretty with a beautiful full figure shape. Wish I could look that good.

Karlie didn’t fit in. No way, no how, no matter how hard she tried and no amount of makeup would put her in the league with her cousin or any of the women at Tabu. Sure they were all shapes and sizes, but they seemed happy that way. Karlie still had some mental work to do on her weight issues. True, she’d lost a good amount of pounds eating right and exercising, but she wasn’t in model shape. She still had more to lose.

Then there was the underlying issue of what happened at Tabu and acceptance of the fact she really was interested even though she tried to hide the fact from the Dragon Man. Bondage? Spanking? Punishment? Self-conscious, sitting alone, and in the dark shadows of the room, she squirmed. Only minutes before she sought the sanctuary of the dark space, but she now felt lonely and scared. What the heck was she thinking letting the Dragon Man talk her into coming? She should’ve called a cab at Bailey’s.

Screw it! Karlie rose from the couch and went in search of Bailey. She had to get out of there before she gave into her curiosity and desires. Sitting and talking with her cousin until she could hitch a ride back to her parents’ house might keep her mind off the tempting pressures surrounding her. Certainly Jared wouldn’t fuss if she asked him to make a slight detour.
“Hey, Bail. I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”

“Cuz! No, come sit with me. Jared went to check on something with one of the other Doms.”

Karlie sat at the opposite end of the couch. Her cousin was propped up on several pillows and her legs stretched over the length of the couch, not leaving much room for anyone else and barely for Karlie. She tucked in tight against the armrest.

“Did you get in trouble with your husband?”

“No, not really. His bark is a lot louder than his bite ever could be. Well, sort of.” Bailey rubbed her belly. “He’d never hurt me or the baby, so don’t look at me like that.”

“I’m not looking any way. He seemed upset with you. That’s all.”

“You don’t understand our dynamic or any kind of relationship, do you?”

“I guess not. I’ve read stuff, but no, I don’t. I mean chains and whips and-and I saw that very pretty blonde from the barbeque being led around like-like a dog on a leash. I-I’m just not sure about this.”

She laughed. “Cuz, they’re Master and slave. Sir and I aren’t into that particular kind of relationship, but it seems to work for Khari.”

“Master and-and sl-lave?” Intellectually shocked, she couldn’t imagine anyone in today’s times would agree to have that kind of arrangement.


Gray Dixon can be found on:
Blog: Between the Pages of Black and White: http://graydixon.blogspot.com

Secret Cravings Publishing Titles by Gray Dixon


Upcoming Books in the Series:
Master Squire, Book 6 ~ Release 2014
Master Tempest, Book 7 ~ Release 2014

* * * *
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Winner Summer Lovin' Hop

Congratulations to Heare2Watts. You've won an extremely useful, purse-sized measuring tape with a beautiful logo on it you can flash at Home Depot or your favorite hardware store. Strong (and enthusiastic) email to follow!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Welcome to the Summer Lovin' Blog Hop

Busy this summer? Want a break from all that swimming and kayaking and tennis and baseball and...I'm tired just thinking about it. Why not stop and smell a romance. Join us at the Summer Lovin' Blog Hop June 20-23 for a chance to read some hot hot stuff and to win some hot hot prizes—including
One $75 Amazon Gift Card
One $25 Starbucks Gift Card (Donated by Sue Lyndon!)
One $25 Amazon (or Barnes and Noble) Gift Card (Donated by Denisea Kampe!)
I'll be awarding an extremely useful and decorative, purse-sized measuring tape to one lucky commenter.

One of my romantic mysteries, Mai Tais and Mayhem: Murder at Mote Marine, is set during the hot hot summer on the Florida Gulf Coast. Tessa Diamond meets the man of her dreams when they are accidentally locked inside the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota. Only she's not sure he is the man of her dreams after she sees him lurking around a murder scene.

Lucky for my readers, she gets to enjoy a luscious romantic interlude with Cameron before she begins to suspect him.

Have you ever thought of having sex on the beach under a full moon? You have? Did it go like this?

EXCERPT (R): How a Moonlight Tryst Can Start Well and End Badly
 Or, If You're Going to Make Love on the Beach, Make Sure You're the Only Ones There

       “So this is Bean Point. What a glorious view.”
Tessa snuggled under his arm. “It’s named after George Emerson Bean, the first settler on the island.”
“Ah, so it’s not named for the fields of golden beans that used to wave across the…er…um…what?”
She laughed. “Hoist by your own petard, or in this case metaphor?”
Cameron tapped her nose with a finger. “I guess I’m distracted.”
Tessa gazed at him as the stars blacked out one by one, leaving only the ones in her eyes. He bent his head to her and their lips met. The next few minutes passed slowly in a dream of unbuttoning and unzipping, then of warm skin touching skin, of limbs interlaced, and finally, of complementary parts dovetailing in ardent abandon.
“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Cameron brushed some sand off Tessa’s breast. The warmth of his fingers remained on her flesh, and she cupped the spot, not wanting to lose the sensation. He gently moved her palm aside and bent to kiss her nipple. It hardened and rose to meet him. His hand trailed down her belly, caressing her hips and edging toward her vulva. Tessa couldn’t move. Her whole body lay rigid, waiting, hoping he would make love to her again. Even the gritty sand beneath her buttocks couldn’t distract her from her hunger for more.
“You want some more?”
She could only nod. The half-moon rode overhead, fighting with the stars for dominance. Cameron flipped her over on her stomach. She felt his breath on her ankles but couldn’t see what he was doing. Something tickled the back of her knees. Soft lips nipped the sensitive spot there, then proceeded up her thighs and across her ass. He stopped at the small of her back and sucked a bit of the skin into his mouth, sending a hot wave of desire surging over her body. Tessa began to writhe, but stopped when the motion ground broken shells into her knees. Her vagina ached for a satisfyingly thick, stiff prick to fill the vacuum. Juices leaked out in anticipation, puddling in the sand. Suddenly Cameron’s hand slipped underneath her belly. He inserted two fingers into her pussy and wham! Her orgasm pulled her up on her knees and she bucked against the fingers, grunting and moaning. “Oh God, Cameron.”
“Yes, baby? Does that feel good?”
“Oh, yeeesssss.”
“Wait till you feel this.” He spread her thighs, smashing her breasts into the ground. She felt his penis beating against her, moving up to close with her.
“Hello? Who’s there?”
The two lovers split apart, panting. In the dim light Tessa couldn’t see Cameron’s face, nor that of whoever had called out, but the voice was embarrassingly familiar. Josiah. She grabbed her shift and dragged it over her head. Cameron had dressed as well by the time a chubby figure hove into view, swinging a flashlight to and fro. When the beam hit Tessa’s face she was sitting calmly next to Cameron. “Josiah? Is that you?”
“Tessa? I thought you said you couldn’t work tonight?”
Tessa decided an aggressive approach might distract him from further questions. “I did. That doesn’t mean I can’t go to the beach if I want to. What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be down at Casa Del Mar tonight.”
“I got a report of a new nest around here and…” His light swung to Cameron. “Who are you?”
“Who are you?” Evidently Cameron had opted for offense over defense as well.
The question seemed to throw Josiah, not an easy thing to do. Finally he gabbled, “You first.”
Cameron replied cheerily, “Me? Mason. Cameron Mason. A friend of Tessa’s. Do you two know each other?”
Tessa touched Cameron’s arm. “Josiah is the president of our turtle watch group. He’s very…dedicated.”
Josiah drew himself up to his full five feet three. “We have to be, you know. Otherwise the sea turtles will go extinct and…”
“All of them?” Cameron couldn’t keep the amusement out of his voice. “I thought only the Kemp’s ridleys are of concern?”
“The ridleys are endangered but all of them are threatened. The only bulwark our fellow creatures have between them and oblivion are those few humans who aren’t afraid to stand up to the Man.”
Tessa stood up. “I think we should leave this discussion for another time. Did you find the nest, Josiah?”
He shook his head. “I fear Angus sent me on a wild goose chase.”
“What makes you say that?”
“He claimed he’d gotten an anonymous call from someone who had seen a skiff pull up and lights flashing. The caller thought it might be turtle egg pirates.”
“I beg your pardon? Did you say egg pirates?”
Tessa grabbed Cameron’s arm and dragged him up, hoping he could make out the warning on her face in the dark. “My, my. Well, we’d best be going. Good luck, Josiah. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
She attempted to sweep off, but only managed an ungainly hobble when both feet landed on a nest of sandburs. She picked them off, wincing, and prepared to sweep again.
She turned, desperation keeping a tight hold on her throat. “What is it?” she gurgled.
Josiah held up a wisp of lace panty, the scarlet ribbon fluttering in the gulf breeze. “Are these yours?”
Tessa snatched them and sprinted down the beach, trailed by Cameron’s snickers.

I hope you enjoyed this beachy excerpt. You can find Mai Tais and Mayhem here:

Now, to go on to the other fabulous authors and their fabulous posts, click herewww.hopswithheart.blogspot.com

And remember to leave a comment here with your email address for a chance to win my prize. Also be sure to enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win the grand prize:


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lapses of Memory--Romance in the Skies

As another installment in my Backlist Bonanza, I present Lapses of Memory--a romance that spans the globe and time.

In Lapses of Memory, Sydney Bellek recounts her life and adventures to her daughter Olivia.  Every few years from the age of five Sydney meets her true love Elian Davies, but while he remembers her, she doesn’t recognize him. Only after surviving wars, revolutions, and years of separation does she realize they are meant for each other, but in a twist of fate it is now Elian who has forgotten her. While Olivia is recording the history of her parents’ romance she must also deal with her own dilemma, choosing between the rich and dashing Rémy de Beaumec, who wants to take her around the world, and the steady, quiet, American-to-the-core, Benjamin Knox, who only wants to make her happy.

Check out pictures of places and planes at my Pinterest page:

Check out four 5-star reviews here:
Mark Love (Amazon & SCP) 5 stars:http://www.amazon.com/review/R26J5S2F78GPI1/
Smile Somebody Loves You! 5 hearts & recommended read :http://wp.me/p38Iym-SA
Manic Readers: MR Reviews, reviewer Alberta—5 stars: http://www.manicreaders.com/index.cfm?disp=reviews&bookid=39025

Lapses of Memory
Secret Cravings Publishing (2013)
eBook (70,000 words); Print (243 pp.)
Romantic suspense, M/F, 3 flames

This scene takes place at Orly Airport in Paris
EXCERPT (PG): The Lady Doesn’t Remember

Several beers later they wobbled out to the lobby holding hands. Sydney had learned enough to know this Elian was a complex person and really, really cute. When they reached her room he backed her against the door. She could feel his penis throbbing through his jeans and took a minute to revel in the desire the friction ignited before pushing him away. He set his arms on either side of her, and regarded her with serious eyes. “You still don’t remember me, do you?”
She shook her head. She didn’t really want to recognize him. Placing him in some other context could only be deflating. She liked him now, a tall, thin, russet-haired man with a pulsing member and inviting mouth, currently blowing a tidal wave of pheromones in her direction.
He continued to stand there, making none of the moves she wished he’d make. Finally she took a step toward him and held out her lips. Leaning in, he took them with his. The link pulled the rest of their bodies together. Arms went around waist and neck, bellies ground against each other, thighs intertwined. Sydney fell into a long, dark, winding tunnel that squeezed her, taking her breath away. She no longer felt corporeal, but more like a soft piece of quivering tissue, the bones dissolving, reduced finally to a pool of liquid heat.
He broke away, panting. “Now do you remember me?”
Her arms empty, she tried blinking to drag herself back to the present. Elian swam into view. His azure eyes shot signals, signals that she couldn’t decipher. What does he want of me? Why can’t we live for the moment? Just be in the here and now? For an instant she thought of lying, but somehow she knew he would see through it, that it would only push him farther away. “I’m sorry.”
He lifted his arms, and dropped them in frustration. He gazed at her, pleading. She couldn’t help him. Bits of him seemed familiar—as though those features belonged to someone else she’d known a long time ago. Other bits, like his deep, gruff voice and his air of insolence, were strange and new. A fleeting sense of abandonment passed through her. Whoever he reminded her of had left her once before. She didn’t want that loneliness again. She turned from him and put the key in the door. He caught her arm. “We’ll meet again, Sydney.”
She tried to match the hope in his voice. “Perhaps we will.” She ran inside and threw herself on the bed. After a good cry and a call for room service, she paced the room, trying to get a grip on her emotions. Something deep in Elian’s eyes drew her. She didn’t recognize his face, but she felt a linkage, a bond with him. An affinity shared, but long ago. She understood him, knew him. A face rose before her, but all jumbled as though she looked at it through a kaleidoscope. Eyes, chin, nose, cheeks, all split up into triangles and rhomboids, making the face as inscrutable as a Picasso painting. She gave up.
Halfway through the chicken cordon bleu she stopped, fork stalled two inches from her mouth. Why does he care whether I recognize him? What is this rapport I sense? Is there some deep, dark secret I should know? Oh my God, is he my long lost brother?
Could be Elian if it weren't Simon Baker

Monday, June 16, 2014

Whirlwind Romance Coming to a Website Near You

Pirates, Puritans, propaganda, and princes—pieces of the puzzle in the whirlwind romance between a beautiful jelly maker and a mysterious castaway.

Great news! Sometime in September will appear my ninth romantic suspense, Whirlwind Romance, from the fabulous folks at Secret Cravings Publishing! Here's the blurb:

In the aftermath of a hurricane, Lacey Delahaye finds herself marooned on an island on the Florida coast with a mysterious man. Before he can confess his identity, they are kidnapped and taken to a tiny island in the western Caribbean. In a story laced with adventure and romance, Lacey encounters pirates, power-mad ideologues, and palace intrigue, not to mention the advances of three men, only one of whom she loves.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Backlist Bonanza Day! Check out Artful Dodging: the Torpedo Factory Murders.

Murders, mistrust and miscreants--needlepoint artist Milo Everhart has her hands full. Can love blossom amidst it all?
 Read 3 five-star glowing  reviews here:

In Artful Dodging: the Torpedo Factory Murders, we meet Milo Everhart and her merry band of artists. Milo creates delicate needlepoint and her friend Tekla Spirikova creates large metal objects. Together they fight City Hall (literally), which wants to give their beloved Torpedo Factory Art Center away. Things get complicated when their greatest adversary turns out to be the man Milo loves, and even more complicated when too many murder victims turn up.

Secret Cravings Publishing (2012)
eBook, 65,000 words, Print, 202 pp.
Contemporary romantic suspense/Murder mystery, M/F, 2 flames

Excerpt (R): Christmas Lights and Lovemaking
“Exactly what I was thinking.”
Across the river the lights of Fort Washington dotted the water with pinpricks of phosphorescence. Behind the couple on the bench the strings of silver bulbs outlining George Washington’s home shone brightly, creating long black shadows down the lawn. Two heads nestled together. Milo purred.
“Are you cold?”
“A little.”
“You want to go in?”
“No. I’m too content to move.”
She heard the chuckle in his voice. “It’s been a…nice day, hasn’t it?”
She snuggled closer under his arm. “Very.”
He kissed the top of her head tentatively. “Do you mind?”
“Uh uh.”
He pulled her chin toward him and softly kissed her lips. She was too relaxed, too happy to argue. Tristram peered at her. “I can’t see your face. Are you smiling?”
For an answer, she reached up and pulled him to her. A few minutes later he placed a gentle hand on her breast and tickled the nipple through the layers of fabric, making her heart spin.
“Let’s go home.”
The familiar words brought her back to reality. “What about Ursula?”
“Ursula? What about her?”
“Don’t you live together?”
He paused. “No.” The unspoken words were clear. No more questions.
On the drive back, her tranquil state gave way to anticipation. Tristram whipped his Jaguar in and out of the sleepy parkway traffic, never overly reckless, but enough to get her heart beating faster. He didn’t speak. For some reason, his silence aroused her even more. What is he thinking? Is he going to make love to me or drop me off like so much used tissue?
They pulled up in front of Tristram’s townhouse on Lee Street. The last time they’d been together, the surroundings had paled before other, more pressing needs. Now, as he handed her out, Milo paused to survey the park that lay between them and the river. The sky opened up here, a change from the tall, impendent row houses and narrow streets of Old Town. Stars flashed in the Milky Way, and the moon grinned at her as she shivered in the chill breeze.
Tristram took her arm. “Do you think we’ll have a white Christmas this year?”
The question first hit her as so unromantic, she worried her little dream would dissipate into the night, but then the words took on a cozy kind of comfort, like the chitchat of an old established couple. “I don’t know.”
He sniffed the air. “Smells like snow. Come on, Milo.”
She followed him, stifling both the disappointment and her desire. He’s going to offer me a drink and send me home. And that’s okay. I’ll be fine. Oh, but look at that butt and those shoulders. Is he sexier in Armani or L.L. Bean?
He closed the door behind her, ran his arms around her middle, and kissed the back of her neck. The little hairs rose to meet him. Electricity shot through her like a high-tension power line. He touched the top of her head and slowly spun her around to face him. His eyes burned into hers, and her mouth went dry.
“Yes, Tristram?”
“Do you know where you are?”
“Um…your house?”
He grinned. “Just checking. You didn’t remember much about our last…encounter, and I want to make sure you are conscious during every single minute you spend here.”
Yeah, right. Forget the small talk and take me to bed, you big gorgeous lug.
Oh my God, I said that out loud! Shit.
It was too late to take back. He didn’t appear to be listening anyway. He dropped her coat on the floor and lifted her, taking the stairs two at a time. Translucent shafts of light from a recessed panel illuminated the California king that took up most of the room.
Tristram lit a tall, white candle on the bureau and touched her shoulder. “Milo? May I?”
One hand went to the buttons on her blouse, and he undid them carefully. Why did he have to be so polite? Why didn’t he just rip her clothes off like he did the last time? Not that I remember. She let the blouse fall, her breath coming in short gasps. He reached out and cupped one of her breasts, encased in delicate orchid lace. He pulled the lace down with his index finger, allowing the nipple to lift its hungry head. He flicked at it until it stood up hard and ready for something more substantial. Obligingly, he leaned down and licked it. Then he gently unhooked the bra and licked the other nipple. Milo didn’t think she could stand much more.
His hand moved to the button of her jeans. She tightened her abdomen as he unzipped them and let his hand reach in and cup the mound. She fought the urge to press against it but gave in when he started to knead. Her vulva inflamed, releasing the juices like slow-moving lava, soaking the thin material of her bikini.
He pulled the jeans off and knelt before her. His fingers wormed their way under the panties and tickled her yearning lips. Her mind emptied of everything but the aching in her vagina. He rolled the bit of lace off, tossed it in a corner, and began to suck. Slurping and swallowing, he twisted the sensitive flesh and sent his tongue to palpate her clitoris. Milo spread her legs wider, her pussy riding his mouth like a rodeo cowgirl. The candle flickered, shimmering on his desire-glazed eyes. She shouldn’t have looked at his face—it brought her to instant orgasm. She held a hand to her mouth to stop the scream. He pulled away from her, dribbling wet kisses down the inside of her thighs.
Then her lover moved lightning fast. He tore his clothes off, pushed her onto the bed, and moved up to close with her. His cock, hard and healthy, inserted itself into her. She folded her legs around his back and began the delectable climb to climax. He slid in and out, his penis scratching the itch inside her vagina. There. Almost there. Almost…arggggh.
Buy Links:

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Please Welcome E. Ayers and ALL her New Releases

Waving hello to all your readers! Thanks so much for having me here. It’s been totally hectic lately as I’m actually releasing several books this month. But it’s all been a good kind of crazy, and by the end of this month, I’m going to stop long enough to catch my breath!
It all started when the Authors of Main Street decided that we’d do a wedding-themed boxed set. My character decided to open her own bridal gown design business. So I jumped in and started writing. Suddenly I knew I was in trouble. We were all shooting for the twenty-five thousand word mark, figuring that’s a nice evening read for each story in the set. I was almost at that mark and nowhere near finished. I’d have to throw it away and start over.
One of the other Main Street authors suggested I use someone from that bridal salon and write a second story, since most of the authors had decided to buy wedding gowns from my character’s salon. I looked at my story and knew I had the perfect character for a second story. Julia is the adopted daughter of the hero in With This Ring. I wrote her story, went back and finished the first one, cleaned up the second one and sent it to my editor, and then sent my editor the first one.

My first story is novel length, With This Ring, and the second story, I Thee Wed, is a novella. Both those stories will be released on their own June 16. But the second story, I Thee Wed, is included in the boxed set, Weddings on Main Street by the Authors of Main Street. Eleven Main Street authors have stories in the boxed set and each is a new story.
For those who don’t know the Authors of Main Street, we’ve been blogging together for several years, and we’re all good friends. I couldn’t be prouder to be part of such a wonderful group of authors. So many are award winners, hold all sorts of industry accolades, and most all of us have spent weeks or months on Amazon’s top 100-author list. When your name is listed with all the greats and you look around and see your friends, the feeling is unreal. What binds us together is we all write contemporary romances suitable for Main Street. That means we’re not too hot or too sweet, just right in the middle. So many are well known in their genre. Joan Reeves, Tori Scott, Mona Risk, Stephanie Queen, Pepper Phillips. Jill James, Susan R. Hughes. Leigh Morgan, Kelly Rae, Kristy Tate, Carol DeVaney, Bella Street, and yours truly, E. Ayers; we’re the baker’s dozen of contemporary romance.
I’ll give you the thumbnail version of both my stories. With This Ring is dress designer meets man with seven children from previous marriages. They’ve both have been burned by relationships. She’s trying to build a company, and he’s trying to help her.
I Thee Wed is young woman meets young man, and sparks fly. But she’s got plenty to do before she can say I do. And a family secret changes a lot of things!
I had so much fun writing these stories. DeeDee is a great character. At thirty-one, she’s mature and working towards her dream of her own designer business. Cody is responsible for seven children, and those children don’t always get along. He tries to be a good father, but he’s far from perfect. He’s made some mistakes when it comes to women, but he’s learned from those mistakes, and he’s willing to try again.
When Julia went to work for DeeDee, she found her niche. She’s thrilled to be at Main Street Bridal Salon. Meeting Aaron lights a fire in her that she can’t ignore. She has no clue who she really is or what she wants to do, but Aaron knows what he wants, and he wants Julia.
Before June is over I’ll be releasing another River City novel, Campaign. This is my seventh River City book. Each book is about young urbanites. There is a loose connection between all the stories, because these are the young movers and shakers in the city. River City novel can be read alone, but it’s fun to read them in order.
Brad Shoemaker was blindsided when he discovered that love could be silent. Katheryn “Ryn” Demary is mute. But when Mayor Bruno Giovanni is forced into early retirement, he chooses Brad to run in his place. Ryn is determined to campaign at Brad’s side, but instead of being an asset, she just might be his biggest liability. Ryn finds herself campaigning not just for Brad to become mayor but for his love. Politics can get dirty and Ryn’s caught in the middle.


Here’s an excerpt from I Thee Wed (Julia and Aaron’s Story).

Aaron’s lips traveled to her ear. “I know what I want, and I knew it the first day I laid eyes on you.”
There was no fumble. Julia was pressed hard against him. Her body burned. His lips toyed with her earlobe and tugged lightly on the earring that hung from it. Then his lips traveled back to her mouth. Her body smoldered, but his hands stayed splayed on her back.
His lips left hers and as her eyes flickered open, she found golden-green eyes staring at her.
“Oh, yeah, we’re going to have to have a very long discussion about this relationship, because I intend to keep you forever.”
She backed away from him. Her hands trembled as she took her seat and attempted to fix her coffee.
He sat across from her, but his gaze never left her. “Julia, if that was just kissing, please tell me, because it sure felt like much more.”
She blinked, hoping to shut out the intensity of his gaze – a gaze that warmed her blood almost to the point of boiling. Heat still flowed from her chest to her cheeks. “You mean like fireworks and volcanoes erupting?”
“I know. I don’t think I can drink my coffee. I could use a really cold shower.”
“I’d better take you home before we’re both in over our heads.”

Would you like to win a copy of With This Ring (DeeDee and Cody’s Story, the novel? Leave a comment with your email address and I’ll toss your name in the hat for a free copy. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the boxed set, Weddings on Main Street. This is a limited time offer to our readers. You’ve got to promise to read to the very end, so you can read my story. Well, I certainly couldn’t go first and give away all the secrets in the other books!
I’ll be in and out all day to answer your questions and read your responses. Right now, I need coffee and chocolate, because Weddings on Main Street supposed to be live today at all the big ebook retailers.

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