Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Bingeworthy Books All August--I'm on August 2

Calling all readers! 

Feed your book addiction with N. N. Light’s Book Heaven Binge-Worthy Book Festival. 

43 books featured plus a chance to win one of the following:

Enter to win a $50 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card
Enter to win a $50 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card
Enter to win a $25 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card
Enter to win a $15 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card
Enter to win a $10 Amazon (US) or Barnes and Noble Gift Card

I’m thrilled to be a part of this event. My book, The Mason’s Mark: Love & Death in the Tower, will be featured on August 2

I even talk about my first binge-worthy book I read. You won’t want to miss it.

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Tonight's the Night! Rave 3 of Summer Review Wars

Tonight's the Night! 
Rave 3 of Summer Review Wars and I'm up FIRST!

It starts at 7 pm EST and features 10 fabulous authors

I'm going to talk about the book up for review in Summer Review Wars, Flotsam & Jetsam: the Amelia Island Affair.

Then I'll talk a little about MOI and Lapses of Memory.

Then a teaser about my upcoming release Orion's Foot: Myth, Mystery & Romance in the Amazon.


OH!!! I almost forgot:


OMG A Great 5-star Review for Spencer’s Whirlwind Romance!

In the aftermath of a hurricane, jelly maker Lacey Delahaye finds herself marooned on an island on the Gulf coast of Florida with a mysterious man. They are immediately drawn to each other, but before Armand can confess his identity, they are kidnapped and taken to a tiny island in the western Caribbean. There, Lacey finds herself faced with pirates, fanatical ideologues, and palace intrigue, not to mention the advances of three men, only one of whom she loves.

Tootling around, I came across this enthusiastic review from John Cretcher for Whirlwind Romance. Here’s part:

“I think I could make jelly from her recipes. Fast, exciting, and plenty of romance. I have purchased a second book that I am just starting.”

He’s referring to the recipes which head every chapter for jelly made from native Florida plants. Try some!
Here’s the link:

Buy Whirlwind Romance here:

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

New Five-Star Review for Flotsam & Jetsam!


I just found a fabulous five-star review for Flotsam & Jetsam: the Amelia Island Affair right there on Amazon!

KC writes:

 "Spencer must have a magic wand that makes all of her characters so good. Sometimes they stumble a bit, especially when it comes to interactions with others but that's what makes them so believable. This tale is no exception. And the mystery keeps you guessing all along the way. Makes you want to wander into the park to see what else may be going to happen. A very good job."

Thank you KC!

Here's the link:

Friday, July 19, 2019

At Wicked Dirty Girls Tonight! Come on by!

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Do come by Wicked Dirty Girls 2.0 today at 5 to 5:30 pm EST. I’m entertaining at a Sip—you can ask me questions about my writing and about the book that’s up for the Summer Review Wars: Flotsam & Jetsam: the Amelia Island Affair. Or anything that piques your fancy!

Games! Prizes! Fun! Feel free to put me on the spot!

Here’s the link:

Flotsam & Jetsam is ON SALE 99 cents

In honor of Moonlight & Mystery's Summer Review Wars, Flotsam & Jetsam--featured book up for review--is on sale for 99 cents. Get your copy now!

It's also available elsewhere at reduced prices:
If you're a participating reader, you will get your copy free:

Monday, July 15, 2019

Summer Review Wars--Gentlepeople, Start Your Engines!

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Join this group to join in the fun! Meet over 50 authors, play games and grab some giveaways. Even if you are not a reader for SRW join in the fun! If you are a reader you don't want to miss this. It's where we post the book links

This challenge starts at 🕛12:00 A.M. July 15 &
Ends August 15th at 11:59 P.M. EST
Sooooo👉While everyone else is sleeping, YOU could
Get a JUMP on Read & Reviews with My Super Special
Summer Review Wars Reviewer Cheat Sheet!
👇Follow the link👇below
Then download the spreadsheet📝Or PRINT IT so
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It lists all the books with links to where you review
😲 ⭐️STAR your favorites⭐️...and if they are
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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Great Review for The Penhallow Train Incident


"A good book, engrossing and entertaining....The plot is well developed, the characters fleshed out and the mystery keeps you guessing."

In the sleepy Maine town of Penhallow, a stranger dies on a train, setting off a chain of events that draws Rachel Tinker, director of the historical society, and Griffin Tate,  retired professor, into a spider’s web of archaeological obsession and greed. Before Rachel can unlock the soft heart that beats under Griffin’s hard crust, they must find the map to the Queen of Sheba’s tomb, and solve not one, but three murders.

Check out the review here: