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What set Ellie off anyway? A thought intruded. No, couldn’t be. He checked her profile. Nah. But his mouth formed a hopeful smile, and he leaned back, humming his favorite tune. Flotsam & Jetsam

The dashing Frenchman or the handsome handyman? Who will she choose? For the Love of a Spy

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lost Dogs & Wayward Puppies: at Catriana's Muse Today

Stop by Catriana’s Muse today to hear my thoughts on how to deal with those perfect little scenes that somehow don’t fit the plot line but you just love them and want to corkscrew them in somehow even though in your heart of hearts you know they’ll have to be excised eventually.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Artful Dodging--the Hook

Check out my log/ad/hook line for Artful Dodging at Lynn Crain's The Log Line Blog--coming out today, June 22 at


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lost in His Arms IN PRINT

In the spinning world of 1991, when nations are falling like flies and a CIA fixer has his hands full, can two people find love? Find out in Lost in His Arms, my first romantic suspense, which is NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT through Amazon. 

Here’s the link for the Amazon Print:

Friday, June 1, 2012

Please Welcome Cherie Denis Today

Please welcome Cherie Denis, multipublished author in several genres. Her latest book, Bad Blood, is an erotic vampire novel.

Tell us about your writing career, Cherie.

I have been fascinated with erotica since I was a teenager. But I didn't start writing it until I was middle aged. I wrote my first nine full length novels by hand on legal pads and in case you'd care to know it takes nine legal pads to write an 80,000-word manuscript. Boy was I thrilled when I bought my first computer.
I belong to the Romance Writers of America and the local chapter in Nashville, the Music City Romance Writers which meets monthly for seminars and critique sessions. I have been writing for over ten years and have at least twenty completed erotic novellas and nine completed spicy contemporary novels.
In the past, I reviewed spicy/erotic novels on a monthly basis for an online science fiction romance newsletter. I also have proofread and critiqued vampire erotica for a published author.
The Music City Romance Writers hold an annual writer’s contest and I judge and critique the erotic entries.

What kind of genres do you write in? Any particular authors inspire you?

I read constantly and stay within my genre as often as is possible. However, lately I've been branching out with my writing and have done a vampire romance, a PG13 novella, and a murder mystery. I’m also working on a dragon tale and a Steampunk novel. I am also multi-published in the non-fiction genre.

I have many favorite authors including Linda Lael Miller, Susan Johnson and Tori Carrington. Their works and others have helped inspire my writing. When it comes to erotica, I have a vivid imagination and never have trouble thinking of subjects for my books.

Now, tell us a little something about you.

My husband and I have been married since he was a sophomore in college. We have two beautiful daughters, one gracious son-in-law and three delightful grandchildren.
My husband and I have lived in several states including California (me) North Dakota (him), Washington State, Wisconsin and now reside in Nashville, TN.  We both agree this is the best place we have ever lived and plan to live out the rest of our lives here.
I think I would be lost forever if I could not read or write. It's been in my blood since I received the full set of Cherry Ames Nurse for my ninth Christmas.

Where can our readers find you?

I love to hear from my readers and hope you will take the time to write to me on Facebook, or at my website authorcheriedenis.com

Cherie, can you tell us about your latest book, Bad Blood?

Bad Blood, by Cherie Denis
Paranormal erotic romance (vampire)
26,423 words; M/F; Heat level 4 flames
Published by Siren-BookStrand, Inc.
Available May 31, 2012
Buy Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/bad-blood

Colin’s family secret is about to be discovered. He could lose everything important to him. How much longer can he keep this dreadful secret from his beautiful Clarissa? Clarissa wants a child, but Colin cannot bear the thought of the child being a vampire.
A broken man, Colin only takes as much blood as he dares from Clarissa.
One evening Clarissa admits she knows his secret and is willing to help him find a cure. When they least expect it, Clarissa finds a possible answer in a tiny, ancient book.
The solution is simple, but can they do it? Will the plan work? Or, will Clarissa spend her life alone? 


He ignored her pleading and used his tongue to fuck her. He slid his hands up her body and cupped her breasts. He ran his fingers softly over her nipples, working them into hard knots, which he pinched and pulled on until she was a writhing mass of womanhood.
“More, Colin. Give me more. Fuck me, my darling. I beg of you.”
Colin raised his head high enough to peer over her pubic mound and smile. “Such language from a lady. I should spank your bottom for such naughty words.”
“Ooo, would you spank me, darling?”
“Of course, if you insist on using naughty words.”
She grinned. “Fuck me, Colin. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”
Colin sighed. “My, my. You are a bad girl. Now I will have to spank you. Do you want the belt, my hand, or the brush?”
“I love it when you give me a choice.” She scrunched up her pretty face, and her lips pouted. “I think your hand will do for now.”
“Stand then, my lovely, and remove your nightdress.” He’d had the gown made of the finest silk available, and it was already rucked up over her waist, and the top was pushed to her waist. It was so thin it wouldn’t get in his way, but he wanted her nude. He wanted nothing in the way. He was going to kiss every inch of her body, and a gown would definitely hinder his foray.
Clarissa slid out of bed, and the featherlight gown fell to her feet. She turned a lighter shade of pale and grabbed the bedpost with a soft moan.
“Are you all right, my sweet?” Hells bells, he had taken too much blood from her. He must be more careful. He was killing her softly and cruelly.
She smiled. “Just a little dizzy. Probably the wine we shared earlier.”
He wanted to shout, No, it’s because of me, but he refrained. Instead, he turned and sat on the edge of the bed. Opening his robe, he showed her how much he wanted her. “Come, my little sweetheart. Climb up and lay across my lap. It is time for your spanking.”
“Be sure you do not hurt me too much, Colin.” Her smile turned into a giggle. “First, may I touch your cock?”
“Of course. You may lick it if you like, but not for long, because I want to come inside you. And, you still need a spanking. You know how much spanking you excites me.”
Clarissa leaned over and pushed his foreskin out of the way. She licked her lips and then flicked her tongue over the tip of his cock.
Colin cried out. “Devil, take me!
She smiled up at him. “Doesn’t it feel lovely, darling?”
Colin was speechless and could only nod. She clasped her fingers tightly around his swollen cock and flicked her tongue time and time again over the slit of his knob. Soon, drops of dew formed, and she continued to lick them as quickly as they surfaced.
“Stop, Clarissa. Stop now.”
“Not yet, darling.”
Colin put his hands on her head, urging her on and yet wishing he could stop her. His hips left the bed when she slid her mouth over his cock and took him deep in her throat. She had been taking lessons of a sexual nature from her best friend, Lady Rose Ellsworth. The woman had taught her well. Clarissa now knew how to please a man with her beautiful lips. He’d heard about the term “great head” from some of the men at his club, and now he knew what they were talking about. Her mouth was as talented as her cunt.
His climax was shattering and leaving him breathless.
She was smiling sweetly when she wiped the corners of her mouth delicately on his robe. “Lovely. Now, do I get my spanking for being such a bad girl?”
Colin gasped, taking in air as fast as he could. He had nearly lost consciousness. She was extremely talented in the bedroom. “Lady Rose has been a wonderful mentor, dear heart.”
“She has taught me some delicious things to do in the bedroom. I hope you will enjoy them.”
“I’m sure I will. Now, come here, you delectable tormentor, and get your just desserts.” Colin pulled her up off her knees and kissed her soft lips, tasting his effluence on her tongue. Her genuine sexuality and beauty were two of the reasons he’d married her. His father had counseled against their marriage, but Colin was glad he hadn’t listened. In their bedroom she was a perfect whore, his whore. Always ready for sex any way he suggested, and a few she had learned from Lady Rose. Yet, she was a lady in the drawing room. And, best of all, she loved him with all her heart.
Colin had once asked her where she’d learned her talent in the bedroom, and she explained about her liaison with Lady Rose, but she also assured him, he had been her first and only male lover.
She also told Colin once how she had found her father’s pornography collection when she was young and had studied it thoroughly. She reveled in practicing everything she had seen, heard about, and learned from Rose.
Clarissa climbed up and laid her body over his lap. Her breasts rested against the side of his thigh, and her feminine curls tickled his cock. Her rosy ass was right where he liked it.
He raised his hand and gave her a smack. Her bottom turned a shade pinker, and she squeaked. It only took three light smacks, and she was writhing all over his lap, trying to get his cock in her hands. Colin grabbed her right hand and held it behind her back so she couldn’t touch him. “Not yet, you bad girl.”
His cock was as big and hard as a policeman’s baton.
“Oh, Colin,” she sighed. “Please fuck me. I’m ever so hot and wet.”
“Hmm, really? Perhaps I should check and see.” He slipped two fingers across her tight pink anus and into her cunt. She was soaking wet and swollen. “My, my. It would seem you are ready.”
“Do you want to straddle my lap and let me fuck you? Or do you want the brush in your ass and me on top.”
“No wonder I love you so much, Colin. You know my likes and dislikes so well.” She thought for a moment then before he could stop her, she slithered off his lap, making sure her nipples rubbed against his cock.
Landing gently on her bare feet, she strolled to the dresser and picked up the brush. She slipped the silver handle of the brush into her mouth and made sure Colin was watching before she ran her tongue around the tip of the handle.
Colin had had the brush made especially for nights like this. The handle was a perfectly carved eight-inch penis. The bristles were fine and soft as human hair.
Colin held out his hand. She placed the unusual dildo in his hand and scrambled up on the bed. She put a pillow under her ass. He gave the brush back to her and let her continue to lick the silver handle until he was ready.
He spread her legs and licked her slit, drinking in her essence. He suckled her clit until she couldn’t lie still. He gently removed the brush from her hands and eased the silver cock into her anus with the soft bristles facing up. By this time, Clarissa was writhing and begging for more.