As he started to climb down, a twig snapped below them. They froze. Something’s being dragged through the underbrush.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Summer Review Wars Calling All Authors!

Calling all authors! 

Moonlight & Mystery is lining up a Summer Review Wars event for July  15 to August 15 and we’re looking for a maximum of fifty authors to sign up. It will be a month-long Facebook party/reader event, where active readers get free books to choose from. Their completed reviews get them entries into giveaways (gift cards, print books) so they have a lot of motivation to get those Amazon reviews in. Author fee $50, which will pay for gifts and the event coordinator, and authors are responsible for gifting the ebooks. It’s recommended that you put your book on sale for 99 cents.

Our event is now ready to take sign-ups on these links:

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