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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Only a few spots remain for authors in the Summer Review Wars

Final call!  Reading Review Wars begins 7/15 and we have 5 author spots left!

Participating readers get offered free titles throughout the month in exchange for honest reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, and BookBub (must post on all 3)...but 

The difference with this event is that every title they read and review gains them an entry into the $200 Grand Prize, plus the smaller giveaways.  So there's a big incentive to read as many as possible and leave those reviews!  We have 45 authors and 100 readers signed up to participate, with over a month to go still to get readers signed up.  The coordinator organizes this month-long event, so authors don't need to worry about extra work.  This event is capped at 50 authors, but we have room for unlimited readers!

More reviews = more visibility on Amazon, higher chance of acceptance for a BookBub feature, higher likelihood of getting features at other sites, etc.!  Plus, you're getting your title in front of a large number of readers who love to read, especially romance!


Kit Domino said...

Sounds good. I'm an author with a novel published last week, how do I sign up and what is involved, please?

Kit Domino said...

Thank you, have just found link that explains all. Best Wishes.