“Jeff found scuff marks on the windowsill.”

“Yes, from your shoes.”

“I wasn’t wearing shoes.”

“You weren’t?”

“No. I was in my stockinged feet. Cassidy, someone climbed in that window before I fell out of it.”

Monday, February 22, 2021

Fun Fact #3 About Mrs. Spinney's Secret

I'm participating in the Winter Games Reader Challenge, featuring my new mystery romance Mrs. Spinney's Secret. Part of the book takes place in Castine, Maine.

Castine—where the Penobscot Expedition—met its fate, is a town on the Blue Hill peninsula in Maine. It is the oldest continuously occupied town in New England. Founded in 1613 as a trading post, the Baron de St-Castin developed it in 1667.

It is a beautiful, classic Maine village with Greek Revival and Federal houses. It is home to the Maine Maritime Academy. The town has a checkered history. Controlled at various times by Abenaki Indian tribes, French, Dutch, English, and Americans, it was a bone of contention during the American Revolution, when the British sought to annex it as a haven for Tories and a bulwark against marauding privateers.

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