Flotsam & Jetsam

What set Ellie off anyway? A thought intruded. No, couldn’t be. He checked her profile. Nah. But his mouth formed a hopeful smile, and he leaned back, humming his favorite tune. Flotsam & Jetsam

The dashing Frenchman or the handsome handyman? Who will she choose? For the Love of a Spy


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Anonymous said...

Hi Meredith,
Your blog is listed in facebook group, Marketing for Romance Authors as a blog that accepts author interviews.

I would like to apply a blog post any day in Sept or further on.

I can answer your questions or I can write a piece about writing such as what I learned from my experience, what I did when my publisher went out of business, character choice, character interviews, how I came up with the plot and many more helpful hints I learned along the way. Or I can answer your questions.

My latest book, Love’s Sweet Sorrow, is being released in September. Here is a blurb: Love and faith are tested as Jason and Ariel are caught in a battle to expose smugglers selling weapons to terrorists.

Thank you for considering me for an interview.

Richard Brawer